Monday, May 27, 2013

Dr. Keith Smith

Dr. Keith Smith talks about fee for service medicine and why it reduces costs and delivers a better product.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Enemies of Freedom Hold Meetings. Why Won't Supporters of Freedom Act?

Years ago I did some contract work for a scary group called KPMG. I worked for a division that was creating a simulation for accounting systems.

In traditional accounting, one records and classifies business expenses to the best of their ability. Investors can then make investing decisions based on the information at hand.

Computer technology allows a degree of separation between the recording and analyzing the data.

The group I was with took accounting data and ran simulations to see how they could manipulate the appearance of a company. In my brief contract with KPMG I learned that computer technology empowers creative accountants to fix the books.

If a roll of toilet paper were used in the manufacturing division, that roll of toilet paper would be an expense. If the same roll of toilet paper was used in the research department, then it could be presented as a capital investment. Investors hate expenses by love to see investment in research. Simply moving the toilet paper from one category to another impacts the perception of the company.

I refused to continue the contract. Whenever I see the initials KPMG, it tweaks my suspicion.

A tweet showed up today pointing to a huge conference on health care held by KPMG held in Rome.

The report talks about how KPMG aspires to be an "activist payer" in the healthcare market. The activist payer is a rich and politically empowered third party.

The fact that KPMG is holding expensive health conferences in Rome does not upset me.

What breaks my heart is that, for some unknown reason, defenders of freedom refuse to engage in similar meetings.

Why is it that Conservatives refuse to meet to discuss free market health care?

My goal for the last five years has simply been to find a group of people within 700 miles of Salt Lake City that is willing to talk about healthcare. 700 miles is a full day's drive. I know camping spots from here to Flagstaff.

The circle I've drawn around Salt Lake is huge. It includes Denver, Boise, Cheyenne, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno, Colorado Springs, Steamboat Springs, Grand Junction.(Yes, the links go to directories that I've made for these towns.)

In five years of looking, I've been unable to find a group willing to meet to discuss free market health care reform.

Because people in the freedom movement refuse to act, our healthcare will be thrown to the mercy of the "activist payers" at nefarious groups like KPMG.