Thursday, July 24, 2014

Finally Some Feedback

I finally received some feedback on why conservatives refuse to discuss free market health care reform.

As you may have guessed, I advocate creating a system where the majority of health care is delivered on a pay as you go basis. Grant organizations and the state intervene only when people cannot afford their care.

Conservatives reject the concept of self funded health care because self funded health care provides no mechanisms for preventing abortions.

Abortion, as you see, is a litmus test.

In conservative political think, discourse starts by laying out the litmus tests. People who fail the litmus test must be driven out of society and suppressed.

This is called "closed-mindedness." The very dictionary definition of "conservative" is closed-minded, intransigent and opposed to reason.

I am personally opposed to abortion, but I do not start the conversation of health care reform with the need to stop abortion; therefore, any idea I say must be soundly rejected.

The Medical Savings and Loan trusts people with the bulk of their own health dollars. Rather than giving clerks an insurance policy, Hobby Lobby would give their clerks money set aside for medical purposes.

So, Imagine for a moment that a clerk at Hobby Lobby had $50,000 in a health savings account and the clerk at Hobby Lobby decided to spend the money on an abortion.

They money in the clerk's account is the clerk's. Because the money is the clerk's money, Hobby Lobby does not have contractual control over the money. Since self-funded care gives people greater control over their personal resources, these hate mongering, closed-minded things called conservatives say that the very concept of personal liberty that the US Founders fought for must be squashed.

Abortion is the litmus test to be given to all arguments.

Because self funded health care allows people greater autonomy and does not create the social controls needed to stamp out abortion, discussions about free market health care reform must be stamped out and squashed. Anyone arguing for free market reforms must be driven from society and treated as a pariah and shunned.

Since preventing abortion is the first concern, the health care debate must start and end with developing health care as a mechanism for legislating morality.

Since health care starts with the ideal legislate morality and keeping the lower classes in check, we must develop a health care system that is a leviathan.

In the hate-mongering closed-minded view of conservatism, Health Care starts with the premise that we must take the health care dollars from the people and place it in pools controlled by a ruling elite.

We will call this system insurance. Insurance undermines the very liberties that our founders (the classical liberals) sought to secure.

 Insurance has one big flaw. As businesses trade about employees as pawns on a chessboard the insurance system creates great gaps in coverage. If you lose your job and are sick you will now find it difficult to gain new coverage or employment because of insurance.

This wonderful system called insurance that conservatives adore because it creates a class society and keeps the lower classes in check has the perverse effect of magnifying the suffering of people with illnesses.

The arch conservative organization called the Heritage Foundation came up with the solution. The Heritage Foundation would toss out the US Constitution and create a fascist health care system in which the people were forced to buy into insurance through state run health exchanges. In exchange for this give-me to the insurance industry, insurance companies will be forced to take in people with pre-existing conditions.

Conservatives spin around in glee. With a fascist state forcing people to buy insurance through health exchanges, conservatives would be able to impose their ideals of a class society with a ruling elite that could control the behavior of the people.

One problem: The political enemies of the conservatives got in power and co-opted the plan.

Progressives are using the very system that the Heritage Foundation developed to impose a conservative class society to impose the progressive concept of radical social change.

The Obama administration passed the very law designed by conservatives. So, conservatives blow smoke, and react all while suppressing debate about alternatives.

Anyway, I now know why conservatives refuse to discuss the merits of self-funded health care. Self-funded health care would give people greater autonomy and reduce the ability of conservatives to legislate morality.

This is why the Heritage Foundation proposed a system with a fascist state using using state run health exchanges to force people into insurance. The Heritage Foundation follows Thomas Hobbes, Edmund Burke and Machiavelli in the believe that the fascist state must be a leviathan.

The great flaw, of course, in the Conservative plan is that their precious leviathan can be captured and turned against them by the progressives seeking their own version of a state run utopia.

Because self-funded health care entrusts people with their personal health care resources, self-funded health care makes it easier for a person who made the personal decision to abort a child to do so.

Centralized health care run through insurance companies and health exchanges, as was proposed by the Heritage Foundation and still supported by most conservative groups, gives social engineers in the state the ability to impose abortions on society at large.

But the same apparatus can be used by progressives to impose their ideals of population control.

IMHO The conservative notion that they must shut down discussions of free market health care reform because of their political litmus tests is mute because the leviathan the conservatives wish to impose can easily be captured by the advocates of population control.

For that matter, the very leviathan the Heritage Foundation sought to impose on the people was just created by the Obama Administration. It is called PPACA (or ObamaCare).

Now, I am not a fan of abortion. Killing a baby denies the baby life and freedom. I think in the long run a free society that gives people control over their bodies will see fewer abortions than a fascist society set on population control.

But since my health care reform does not start with a plan to prevent abortion, it fails the litmus test and must be reject.

May all conservatives rot.