Friday, November 7, 2014

The People v the Kleptocrats

The GOP won an election, but they seem to lack vision or direction. A political movement that lacks direction can be dangerous.

The vision from the political parties should come from the people. If the people fail to provide a vision, the lobbyist will step and sell their vision. The vision of lobbyists is best called "kleptocracy." (kleptocracy: rule by compulsive theives).

Than antidote for this lack of vision is simple: People need to start talking about solutions and a positive direction for the country.

I am interested in free market health care reform. My goal for the last six years has been to attend or host a meeting in which people spoke about free market reform. I admit what I am saying is radical. I believe that if people actually got together and spoke about the issue of health care reform they could help clarify and provide vision to health care reform.

I realize that my vision of people meeting and actually talking about free market health care reform is a radical step which conservatives are unwilling to even contemplate. But this is what has to be done to save our nation.

A little shameful self-promotion is in order here: To make a meeting productive, I put together a presentation.

I believe that funding health care is a business problem and not a political problem. We need business solutions and not political solutions.

This sentence alone puts us on a path to fighting the kleptocracy of Washington because is says we are not looking for the lobbyists to provide a solution, we want the lobbyists and government to get out of the way.

The statement: "leave us alone" is not enough to insure a good tomorrow. The next step is to talk about what we will do when left alone.

My presentation starts by creating a mathematical model of health care expenses. I then create a new business model to help people cover these expenses. I then discuss how an improved business model for funding health care would overcome the inequities of the insurance industry.

I have searched high and low to find meetings to attend and groups to support. If we want to repeal ObamaCare and restore free market principles in health care, people have to talk. This continued dead silence and intransigent unwillingness to discuss health care reform means that the GOP will surrender our health care to kleptocrats.

The presentation I put together is a nice starting point for a discussion of health care. The presentation has a role for individuals. It has a role for health care providers. It has a role for private charities and a greatly reduced role for government.

I keep trying to have meetings, but no-one has ever attended (PS: I live in Utah. I am not LDS). I am happy to attend meetings by others, but no-one is holding such meetings.

Anyway, I've been stuck in a rut for the last six years on the idea that the first step to restoring free market principles health care is for people to talk about the issue. But Conservatives are scared of mathematics; so no discussion will ever occur, and we are left to surrender our society to the kleptocrats in DC.