Health Care Advocate

I created the Medical Savings and Loan by reverse engineering an insurance company. I split the insurance pool into a combination of savings accounts, loan reserves and grants.

Insurance companies have a massive internal bureacracy formed around the insurance pool.

In this project, I took the large internal bureaucracy and externalized it into a new position called the "Health Care Advocate."

Notably, a claims adjuster is a person who works for the insurance company who approves or denies insurance claims. The goal of this position is to protect the insurance pool from abuse.

In the Medical Savings and Loan, people pay their health care bills direct. The goal of the advocate is to help clients make the most of their money.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the Medical Savings and Loan and Insurance is that the MSL takes the internal bureaucracy and externalizes it.

In the ideal implementation of the Medical Savings and Loan, the advocate is a contractor who is employed on a fee for service basis directly by clients.

The site will be used to promote the concept of Health Care Advocacy.

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