Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Package

As mentioned in my last post: The Medicals Savings and Loan is based on a mathematical model of the way that people financed health care before the invention of big insurance.

I created this project because I realized several decades ago that the only way that we could have free market health care reform.

Prior to insurance people financed care through a combination of savings, loans and grants.

The Medical Savings and Loan creates a formal structure around a traditional structure. The formalized structure includes an accounting system and a position called a health care advocate.

Creating an accounting system is not an anti-market activity.

The development of accounting played a vital role in the evolution of our understanding of markets.

Conservatives spit in my face and kick me down for saying that we to create an accounting system.

Creating an accounting system is pro market.

After creating a mathematical model, I created a business model for the Medical Savings and Loan. The basis business model has few dependencies on government beyond what is needed for basic contracts.

BTW, we depend on government for most basic contracts. For example an employment contract might say that employees get paid at the end of the month. The government helps enforce this contract.

The idea that we can completely eliminate government is stupid.

Just like the idea that we should oppose the use of accounting in business is stupid.

What I've contended for these last eight years is that: If a group of people got together, created a mathematical model (aka an accounting system) for free market health care, that group could have a positive impact on the debate.

Specifically, the group would end up demonstrating that insurance is anti-market contrivance of the ruling elite.

Insurance is based on the false assumption that the free market is incapable of delivering health care. Because the free market can't deliver care, we must put all of our health care dollars in huge pools controlled by the ruling elite.

The people who control these pools become billionaires. Notably Warren Buffet made his billions by owning insurance companies and controlling the money in insurance pools.

My presentation on the Medical Savings and Loan shows that insurance transfers trillions of dollars from the working poor  to the upper middle class and ruling elite.

Our health care debate for the last century has been built around the insurance industry. Single payer care is a system with one insurance company owned by the state and made totalitarian.

Insurance requires a great deal of government oversight and regulation.

ObamaCare was based on an idea from a conservative group called The Heritage Foundation. The idea is that we can regulate insurance through a network of state run health exchanges. The plan was first put in place by the self-described "severely conservative" Mitt Romney.

Conservative politicians systematically fall back on the basic structure of the PPACA. The Repeal and Replace Legislation put forward by Trump and the GOP replaced ObamaCare with a slightly less toxic version of ObamaCare.

If Americans wanted to restore free market health care, then we would need a group of people to do something radical. I suggest that we do the following.

We start by creating a mathematical model of free market health care (an accounting system). We should build a business model around this accounting system. We should then run simulations that compare the result of this model to the insurance model.

A group that engaged in this type of discovery would be in a position to create real free market reforms.

The process is quite detailed an involved.

Unfortunately, the very first step in this process is to find people who are willing to talk about free market reform.

Freedom isn't free. To maintain freedom, we need people who are brave enough to sit in a room and talk about numbers.

I've been working on this program for about thirty years. I have yet to meet a conservative brave enough to actually talk about the details of freedom in mathematical terms (by mathematics, I mean Accounting which really is a branch of mathematics).

One way to start the program is to create an open source project. Getting the project going would involve people sitting in a room and talking.


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