Monday, December 24, 2012

Data in Self Funded Health Care

The Health Exchanges of PPACA entails the creation of a massive centralized database with detailed health data on all Americans that corporate moguls will use to speculate on your health care.

I've been working on an alternative to insurance which I've tentatively called "The Medical Savings and Loan."

The MS&L is built from the ground up around Medical Savings Accounts. The mantra of the program is "Those who can self fund their care should." It uses a combination of savings accounts and loans to help people who can self fund their care do so.

It creates a well funded system of grants for people who cannot.

One interesting aspect of this design is that breaking up the large internal pools of the insurance industry results in a radical change in the processing of health care data.

Data follows the money. With insurance and socialism, our health care resource are placed in massive centralized pools. The money flows from these centralized pools to large care providers.

To handle this flow, insurance companies have created a massive bureaucracy with an internal focus on the pool.

Insurance naturally results in a large centralized database maintained by a bureaucracy focused on that pool.

The Medical Savings and Loan breaks up the centralized pools.

Your health spending would flow from your savings account to your doctor.

Just step back and imagine a system in which all of your health spending flowed from a savings account under your control to the care providers of your choice. Information from your doctor would flow back along the same channel.

In this structure, your medical savings account creates a de facto record of all your health spending.

By simply enhancing the Medical Savings Account with a document management system, one would end up creating an extremely robust distributed health information system.

For four years I've been on my knees begging for patriots to have a meeting about health freedom. The meeting will be about the very dry issue of health data.

Group health care (socialism and insurance) necessarily results in massive centralized database and large bureaucracies with a central focus on the resource pool.

A system built from the ground up around individual Medical Savings Accounts would result in a distributed information system with an external focus.

To emphasize this fact, the Medical Savings and Loan transitions all of the workers in the insurance industry into a new position called "The Health Care Advocate."

If you would like to learn more. I have a wonderful presentation called "The Medical Savings and Loan." I am willing to travel to any group willing to discuss free market health care reform (I live in Utah). Sadly, I spent all my personal savings on this project. I would need to run a fundraiser in conjunction with the meeting to pay for the trip.

An Intrusive Health Care Database

ObamaCare entails the creation of a massive centralized database that will rival any data system on earth.

This closed system will record in minute detail the health systems of every American. The programs will be used by the ruling elite in Corporate America and the government to trade your health care on a centralized exchange.

The massive health database can easily be joined with records of your political activities, your business activities, your sexual activities, your web browsing activities, your reading activities and what not allowing the ruling elite to keep the people in check.

Since ObamaCare will be the largest and most intrusive database in history. ObamaCare rivals the East German Stasi in the intrusiveness and scope of the data that they will collect on every American citizen.

It is not surprising that the ruling elite want a massive database that they can use to keep the people in check.

Two millennia ago, the Roman Emperor demanded that everyone travel to the place of their birth for a census of the empire. The enumeration would be used for the allocation of military resources and taxation.

Being the day before Christmas, I might inject that the birth of Jesus Christ took place during this enumeration.

Maintaining massive databases to keep the people in check is not a new idea. ObamaCare is just keeping to an age old tradition of oppression.

If there is any group within 500 miles of Salt Lake City willing to discuss alternatives to ObamaCare, please contact me. I have a wonderful free presentation on free market alternatives.

If you are more than 500 miles away and have a group sufficient to fund a trip, I will be happy to travel to your location.  If someone wants to travel to Park City for a ski trip, I would be happy to combine my presentation and your trip.

I am ready to drive to Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, Colorado Springs or Denver if there was a group of 20 plus people wanting to stand up for health freedom. Please use this contact form.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Here's a puzzle for you:

Why is that progressive get all bugged-eyed and paranoid at the thought that a web firm might record click stream data from users while they don't bat an eyelash that the Health Exchanges of ObamaCare will give bureaucrats and big businesses intimately detailed information about their health?

For that matter, why is it that progressives don't seem to care that the ruling elite will essentially be engaged in making trades based on the health of the people on the health exchanges of ObamaCare?

Is is possible that people really are this naïve?

PS: If ever someone wanted to engage in a fascinating discussion of privacy rights in health care, they could contact me about the Medical Savings and Loan. I have a detailed presentation which shows that a system based on self-funded care will provide better health services and protect the privacy of the people.

All I need is a group within 500 miles of Salt Lake or a group that is willing to pay travel costs and I will give a presentation that will blow ObamaCare away.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Taking Control of the Narrative

The "Fiscal Cliff" (which dominates the news) is a crisis manufactured by politicians.

The US Debt is real. We are likely to see a complete failure of our nation if our politicians fail to address the debt.

The debt is bad, the debt, in and of itself, is not the heart of our nation's malaise.

Our malaise is the result of our looking to the government for the answers and not to ourselves.

Yes, government debt is destroying our society.

Unfortunately, politicians have learned to use the crises caused by their malfeasance to demand more resources from the people.

The crisis caused by excessive government results in a never ending demand for more government.

To truly solve our problems, the freedom movement needs to counter this game of action/reaction and restore the narrative that a free society is a strong and prosperous one.

IMHO, health care is the most important issue of the day.

The most productive thing the freedom movement could do in 2013 is to avert its eye's from the train wreck in Washington and engage in a substantive debate about free market health care reform.

Health care is a fascinating subject that will draw people into the freedom movement.

I contend that, if a small group of patriots engaged in an authentic conversation of free market health care, the freedom movement could capture the narrative and put America back on the path of freedom and prosperity.

Unfortunately, as long as conservatives are content with the game of reacting to actions engineered by the ruling elite, we are doomed to stay on the road to serfdom until we experience national collapse.

But if a small group of people were brave enough to discuss free market health care, that group could turn the narrative around.

Unfortunately, I am stuck in Utah. Utah is unique. The state was founded by a group seeking to create a theocratic socialism. There is no freedom movement in Utah. Notice how every prominent Mormon is for a version of ObamaCare. Harry Reid sponsored ObamaCare. Mitt Romney imposed RomneyCare in Ma. Governor Mike Leavitt's insurance company is selling Health Exchanges. Jon Huntsman supported socializing health care via health exchanges. The Republican Utah legislature was among the first groups to adopt ObamaCare. The Sutherland Institute supports socialized health care run by a State Compact.

Every attempt to discuss free market health care is suppressed in Utah by the ruling elite.

I am willing to travel, but I have to be certain that, if I drove 500 miles to talk to a group, that there would someone there.

The fact that I've been unable to find anyone interested in engaging in a substantive talk on health care reform is so incredibly frustrating it makes me want to scream.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Traveling Show

The primary focus of the "Health Care Advocate Association" is to host meetings about free market health care reform.

There is a critical need for this function. Let's face it, we will lose all freedoms if no-one ever talks about health freedom.

The focus of the projects is the assertion that the problem in health care lies with our use of group funding of individual consumption.

Health Care is a complex subject. It takes about two hours to lay a solid base for discussing the differences between group-funded and self-funded care.

The meetings start with a presentation of a business model I called "The Medical Savings and Loan." This model uses a combination of savings accounts, a loan reserve and grants to reverse engineer an insurance pool. This business model transforms insurance agents and claims adjusters into a new position called "Health Care Advocate."

I then contrast the advocacy model for administering health care to the litigation model used by insurance. I show that advocacy achieves better results than litigation.

This is a beautiful model for financing health care that strikes at the root false assumption of PPACA (ObamaCare).

I believe that a traveling show that attacks the root assumptions of ObamaCare would be beneficial to the Conservative Movement.

I travel cheap. The expenses of a traveling show are: Gas, hotel rooms, conference rooms and food. Cheap hotels average around $60. Conference rooms seem to cost about $80. I eat cheap. $5 a day suffices. Gas is expensive. My car gets 32 MPG. Driving from Salt Lake to Phoenix costs $75 in gas plus wear on the car.

To make the conference idea work. I would probably need to make $200 to $300 at each stop. Each show would include a fund raising community event.

A traveling show that crossed from San Diego to Florida would cover about 3000 miles and have about 16 stops would cost about $10,000 (that includes the cash to get back home).

Each meetings would include a fundraising activity, which is likely to pay for the meetings.

My presentation is substantive. It could help arm local Tea Party groups to fight against socialized medicine.

The reason we are falling into socialized medicine is because our sound-byte driven media is not engaging in a substantive debate. The antidote is to engage in such a debate.

There are hundreds of traveling trade shows. These shows exist because it is an effective format for conveying messages.
The impossibly hard part is getting the first meeting going. It would take a group of four or so people (within a day's drive of Salt Lake) willing to commit a few days to exploring free market health care reform.

NOTE, I could drive to Las Vegas, Phoenix or Denver. Or, people could come to Utah. Park City has great skiing.

A traveling show that presents a substantive argument for health freedom could play a vital role in defeating ObamaCare and restoring health freedom. The program simply needs a little support and a push.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Programming for Two

It's absurd.

Conservatives burn up the political capital of the freedom movement on frivolous issues such as land grabs, the gun culture, fiscal cliff debates and unabashed defense of a corrupt financial system.

Meanwhile they ignore the most critical issue of our day: Health Care Reform.

The freedom movement would win the day, if only there was a group of people with enough courage to discuss free market health care reform. There is no such a group within 500 miles of Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately, what I've been doing is even more absurd.

I believe that the key to defeating ObamaCare is for a group of people to create a viable alternative to insurance.

The weak part of ObamaCare is the insurance mandate. This mandate hinges on the false assumption that insurance is the only way to fund health care (socialism is insurance at a national scale).

The key to defeating this concept is to create a viable alternative to insurance.

To do this, a group of people needs to create a business model formed on the concept of self-funded health care.

Yes, I said the solution is to start businesses. Financing health care is a business problem, not a political problem.We need new businesses not new government programs.

Please note. Talking about business does not imply a commitment to that business. The discussion is about creating business models to replace the insurance model.

Most people refuse to go to meetings that talk about business. Since people refuse to talk about ways that business could solve our health care problems, we are left with only government solutions.

The group would discuss business models. Ultimately, the solution to health care would involve people creating new businesses.

I know. I know. I know. People hate and despise business.

If Americans hate business so much that we absolutely refuse to talk about business, then we should give up on the American experiment in self rule and adopt the Soviet model ... which will happen inevitably if people never discuss ways to solve problems with business.

I spent four years trying to find a person who is willing to discuss free market health care. The conversation would be about how a new business model for financing health care would change the face of health care.

I find it absurd that Conservatives slam the door in my face every time I talk about creating business solutions to solve a business problem.

But what I am doing is far more absurd.

After four years of being unable to find a group willing to discuss free market health care reform. I am still trying to figure out how to get three or four people in a room for an afternoon to discuss free market health care.

The latest absurd step I took was create a thing called Health Care Advocate Association.

The mission of the HCAA is simply to discuss alternatives to standard pooled insurance.

So, I now have an association with a single person in it.

I've been trying to figure out what an association with a single person in it can do.

I can host meetings in which I talk to myself.

Being a computer programmer. I spent two weeks trying to write computer programs.

It is stupid to try writing a computer program with no user input.

One of the biggest mistakes one can make in computer programming is to let the programmer design the tests for the program. The programmer will simply write tests that mirror the code. The tests will not reflect the end user's experience.

Because what I am doing is absurd, I end up just staring at a blank computer screen and decide to play computer games instead.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Yes, I confess, I am demoralized and becoming despondent.

For years I operated under the false assumption that the "liberal left" was preoccupied with the image of liberty as the cost of the substance, while the "conservative right" was interested in the substance of liberty.

For example, a free society tends to be both diverse and open. The progressive left believes that if they took the images of openness and diversity and applied these images to the political structure of the monarchy, that they could created paradise on earth in brave new socio-economic system socialism.

The Classical Liberals on the right are interested in the substance of liberty. Classical liberals love to engage in the conversation about how a free society achieves the objectives of a nation better than the totalitarian methods of the left.

Classical Liberals, of course, are only a very small contingent on the right.

The bulk of the Conservative movement is about preserving a corrupt social order with powerful conservatives at the top of the social hierarchy.

My love for the classical liberal view blinded me to the sad truth that conservatives are as mindless and image driven as the left.

The 2012 election should have been about the profound differences between the visions of the US Founders and radical social change.

Rather than having a campaign about substance, Conservatives engaged in a shrill non-debate about which candidate fit the image of conservatism.

Republicans nominated the father of RomneyCare to run against the father of ObamaCare failing to notice that ObamaCare and RomneyCare are the same things!

My simple objective for the last four years has been to find a group interested in spending an afternoon talking about free market health care reform. I spent four years, $10,000 and drove over 5,000 miles trying to find "conservatives" willing to discuss free market health care reform.

That wall all wasted time and effort.

All I learned is that Utah Conservatives have zero interest in free market health care reform. Every popular Mormon politician is for socializing medicine via health exchanges. Harry Reid, Mitt Romney and Mike Leavitt are all on the forefront of the scheme. Jon Huntsman, Gary Herbert and the Sutherland Institute actively support socialized medicine and suppress debate about alternatives. The squabble is over who holds the ring of power.

This world in which no-one is willing to do the hard work and actually discuss the substance of health care is depressing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Professional Associations v. Unions

The news of the day is that the Michigan Legislature is considering a "Right to Work" law.

I applaud those who are standing against the corrupt centralized unions and who are standing up for the rights of workers to choose their associations.

Unfortunately, a right to work law on its own does not address the fact that most Americans are stuck in dead end jobs with little hope for a bright future.

While standing against forced unionization is a valuable short term measure, to restore the free market, conservatives must move beyond base reaction and start constructively creating alternatives to unions.

IMHO, the best alternative to a union is a professional organization.

Both professional organizations and unions are forms of association. The difference is the focus.

A union is built on the Marxian idea that workers must unite against the evil capitalist. The focus of the union is amassing power in a centralized group that then forces demands upon everyone.

The focus of a professional association is the lot of the individual professional. A professional organization provides resources, educational opportunities and guidance for the members of the profession.

While a union has an internal focus and is primarily concerned with amassing political, the professional association has an external focus. As such it ends up aligning better with the desires of the individual worker.

So, yes, on a political level, we need to stand up for right to work laws. However, to win the war of ideas, conservatives need to move from base reaction and do proactive things like creating professional associations.

Moving beyond the simple creation of professional associations, conservatives would be wise to actively encourage membership in professional associations.

I understand employers wanting to avoid unions. Unions seek to create a centralized power structure that bosses people around. One of the best ways to avoid unionization is to actively encourage workers to join professional associations that focus on helping individual workers and promoting professional standards. Standing against forced unionization is not enough. We need to create alternatives to this corrupt centralized power structures that are destroying the American work place.

On an end note, I should mention that my goal for the Medical Savings and Loan is to create a professional association called the Health Care Advocate Association.