Friday, March 24, 2017

Told You So

Not that it's worth anything, but I was completely right in my predictions about the Trump Administration.

During the campaign, I kept saying that Trump did not have a plan to restore free market health care.

Sure enough. Donald Trump came out with a health care reform package that, at best, can be called "Obamacare Lite."

While Trump's plan reduces some of the benefits, some of the costs and some of the regulations of PPACA, the basic framework of TrumpCare is the same as ObamaCare (which is the same as RomneyCare).

To make matters even more depressing. The so called "Freedom Caucus" does not seem to have any substantive ideas on how to restore free market health care either.

The conservative movement has just proven itself to be as big a joke as the progressive movement.

I would be laughing, but the pathetic and disingenuous nature of the Conservative Movement is destroying our country.

Members of GOP are trying to cover the corrupt nature the conservative movement with claims that health care reform is hard.

They are wrong. If implemented correctly, free market health care reform could be delivered with minimal disruption in individual lives.

Free market reform might lead to the break up and dissolution of Fortune 500 insurance companies and it might reduce several billionaires to millionaire status, but it would not disrupt the lives of the people at large. It would actually improve the finances of most Americans.

The reason that Conservatives do not have a free market insurance plan in hand is because conservatives systematically refuse to discuss free market reform.

If there was a true discussion of free market health care; people would realized that employer based health care is an anti-market approach to health care. Employer based insurance is a revival of the feudal order. Your employer is the new feudal lord that controls your health and the person who controls your health controls your body.

A true and honest debate about free market health care would question the formulas used by the insurance industry. Such a debate would discover that these formulas do an inadequate job of providing care and have the negative side effect of concentrating wealth in a ruling elite.

True free market reform would not start with a discussion of regulations, but would start by creating new mechanisms for funding health care.

This silly thing I created called "The Medical Savings and Loan" was based on such a debate.

What I do in this program is break apart an insurance pool into individual accounts. The system funds care through a combination of savings, a loan reserve and generous grants. The system is administered by a new position called "The Health Care Advocate."

The system can be created organically from scratch, or it could be created by taking an existing pool.

If we created the MS&L from existing pool, we would see that the M&SL would have the same amount of resources as a health insurance pool. I can prove that the actual allocation of funds would be more equitable than an insurance company. Since people would start negotiating prices with health care providers, it is likely to dramatically drop the cost of care.

If I could find people willing to sit down for an evening and talk health care, I can prove that not only is free market health care reform possible. I can prove that the distribution of care would be more equitable.

Donald Trump is correct about one thing. All plans have winners and losers.

There is one group that would lose a substantial amount of money and influence.

The group that would be harmed by the Medical Savings and Loan is called "The Ruling Elite."

Progressives like to call this group "The One Percenters."

The insurance industry transfers trillions of dollars from the working and middle class to the ruling elite.

Creating an alternative to insurance would stopped this artificial transfer of wealth.

The wealthy and powerful people who control our nation would lose wealth. They would lose power. The leeches in our society who feed off the transfer of wealth from the people to the elite would lose as well.

It would be chaos in the Congressional Lobby as people who make their money by leeching off a corrupt health care system see their once lucrative pools of capital dry up.

Everyone else, of course, would benefit.

Personally, I don't care if billionaires see their position diminish. I care about the people, not the elite.

I have no problem supporting ideas that stop the artificial transfer of wealth from the people at large to the elite.

Unfortunately, the leaders of the Conservative movement care more about the elite than about the people. The very nature of the Conservative Movement is to favor the elite over the people.

The non-debate surrounding TrumpCare simply proves, once again, that the conservative movement is inherently corrupt. While conservatives are known to posture about free market reforms. They are unwilling to debate or even consider reforms that stop the transfer of wealth from the people to the elite.

So, while I deserve bragging rights and say "I Told You So." I actually feel extremely depressed because our nation is still on the Road to Serfdom. The election of the GOP simply changes the names of our feudal lords. It does not free the people.