Friday, November 30, 2012

Insurance is a Professional Whipping Boy

When  engaged in the health care debate, it is extremely important to remember that insurance is a professional whipping boy.

A whipping boy is a person that one pays to take the abuse for their misconduct.

The whipping boy is related to the professional straw man. We see professional straw men on TV all the time. Fox News hires ugly creatures Alan Colmes and Bob Beckel, then heap abuse on them. Professional pundits often actively seek abuse because it gets their precious brand in front of the public. Rush always gets a huge surge when his radio show is the focus of controversy.

I was looking at a site by a Wendell Potter who made a tonne of dough in PR for the insurance industry.

He now heaps abuse on insurance and gained even more money and more influence in his new role as watchdog, regulator and pundit.

PR (Public Relations) is a game in which professionals spin arguments to gain influence and achieve a variety of political objectives.

PR tends to have a negative effect on discourse, because the people "playing the PR game" are playing the discourse and not genuinely involved in the discourse.

Wendell Potter's associations page says he is  proud member of both the Public Relations Society of America and Society of Professional Journalists while being a contributor to the Huffington Post ... a rag dedicated to spinning the news.

He attacks the PR of insurance while proudly maintaining the role of PR specialist. This type of thing makes bells ring in my skeptical heart.

The fact that someone is heaping abuse on insurance does not necessarily mean the person is genuinely pro-reform. A PR specialist who whips a professional whipping boy might actually just be gaming the system from a fun new angle.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Health Care Advocate Association™

ObamaCare (PPACA), RomneyCare and the Health Exchanges are all premised on the false assumption that insurance is the only way to fund health care.

I contend that the easiest way to challenge this assumption is to create an alternative to pooled insurance.

So, I created a mathematical model called "The Medical Savings and Loan." This model proves that it is possible to provide modern health care on a fee-for-service basis through a system of health savings accounts supplemented by loans and grants.

The Medical Savings and Loan restores the pricing mechanism in health and will lead to tremendous cost-savings along with a tremendous improvement in health care for the working class American.

The central feature of the program is a new position called the "Health Care Advocate." This position replaces the insurance agent, claims adjuster and medical transcriptionist position in insurance.

The primary difference between an insurance agent and the advocate is an insurance agent works for the insurance pool, while the health care advocate works directly for the clients in the MS&L.

This structural change comes by restructuring the accounts. With insurance, people place their health care resources in a pool owned by the insurance company. With the MS&L, people directly own their health care resources.

The positions follow the money. In standard insurance, a large corporation owns the resources; so insurance agents work for the insurance company. In the Medical Savings and Loan, people keep the bulk of their health care resources; the advocates work with their clients ... the people.

The Health Care Advocate Association™ is still in its organizational stage. If you wish to join the organization, please contact me for instructions. Joining the organization will cost one dollar (as defined in the Coinage Act of 1792).

The initial goal of the organization is to host an organizational meeting. Members of the organization will be polled and asked when and where to hold the organization meeting. The official web site of the HCAA is

Thrown for a Loop

I have to apologize. The complete lack of sales for cyber weekend threw me for a loop.

I sincerely believe that health care is the most important issue of our day.

Conservatives completely choked on the issue. The Republican Party played a snide game in which they sought to capture ObamaCare and have suppressed discussion of real free market reform.

If a group began discussing real free market health care reform, that group could have a profound impact. But I've been unable to find such a discussion.

I've spent every last penny I had trying to find someone willing to invest the two hours to discussion the most important issue of our generation.

I find it bizarre beyond belief that Conservatives immediately slam the door when a person brings up the topic.

I spent every penny I had trying to find anyone willing to discuss free market health care. The conversation involves the mathematics of funding health care and what if scenarios. The conversation requires feedback and cannot be done on a blog.

The argument is that we would get more and better care if we restored the concept of self funded health care and fee-for-service medicine. To make this argument, I must develop a model for group-funded care and a model for self-funded care and compare the two.

This simply cannot be done in a blog post!

Blogs are great for agitation. They are not a good format for developing ideas. Developing ideas is best done in face to face conversations with instant feedback.

Sadly, I live in Utah (which is renown for its closed-mindedness). The LDS Church is 100% committed to the idea of socializing medicine through health exchanges. Every major LDS politician favors a form of ObamaCare. Harry Reid was a primary author of PPACA, which was based on RomneyCare. The Leavitt Insurance Agency by former governor Mike Leavitt is heavily invested in health exchanges. Former Governor Jon Huntsman and current Governor Gary Herbert are committed to implementing the Health Exchanges of PPACA.

Utah is a closed society which reviles open discourse. This picture shows the sum total of people at the Utah Stand Up for Freedom Rally. This rally was well publicized by Glenn Beck, the national and local media. Only about 200 people in a metropolitan area of two million showed up for the most publicized Health Care event of 2012. The speakers, families of the speakers and media made up half the total.

I've written to every conservative and libertarian group I can find in Utah. There is not a single group in this state willing to discuss free market health care reform.

The Republican strategy in Utah was simply to vilify Obama, with hopes of capturing ObamaCare, which would be rebranded as RomneyCare.

What the Republicans did was insidious. The campaign to capture and rebrand ObamaCare was not real debate it was simply the cunning strategy of right wing rogues.

I want real debate and have been seeking to find a group to discuss real free market health care.

This means I must travel. I figure the best bet is Arizona. Phoenix is about 663 miles away. 40 gallons of gas to get there and back. It is warm and I can sleep in my car. I also need an oil change.

I would love to take one last shot at getting people together to discuss free market health care reform. I am certain that if a group of liberty leaning folks would see my presentation, that the argument I put forward could help defeat ObamaCare.

I was really hoping that I would make something off my web sites this holiday season. Seeing that it won't happen was extremely disappointing.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Site Launch

I've been filling out forms and paying registration fees for the new association.

While I wait for the wheels of governance to churn, I am updating the site in preparation of the new association.

The site uses the Community Color user database (register). The site will include a calendar, directory, messaging system and features specific for the Health Care Advocates.

How to Start an Association

Happy Cyber Monday!

The weakest part of ObamaCare is the insurance mandate. The best way to defeat ObamaCare is to create a viable alternative to insurance.
Funding health care is a business problem, not a government problem. To restore the free market, we need a business solution!

Creating a business solution to a problem as complex as health care requires more than a single business. It will require a network of businesses.

The best path to creating a network of businesses is to create a business association.
The proper way to start an association is for a group of like minded people to get together and form an organizing committee that would then register and form the legal structure for the association.

There is a catch here.

Lets say a group is getting together to start an organization. Any jokester who hears about the effort can throw a wrench in the works by registering the name of the association as a business.

For the last couple years, I've tried to take the tact of hosting a meeting with people angry about ObamaCare. The meeting would end with the primary action item of starting a business association and publishing a book. The group would select a spokesman, chairman, etc..

(The book is mostly written, but needs editing. I would have given co-authorship to anyone wanting to add a chapter or help edit the book.)

Starting the association and publishing the book would cost a couple grand. The group would

Unfortunately, there is one big catch to this plan.

If I announced the name I wanted to use for the association, anyone wanting to throw a wrench in the works would simply run out and register the association name as a business.

This is a common tact used by progressives in Utah. Progressives give a badge of honor to anyone who creates legal challenges for Libertarians or Conservatives who try to start businesses.

So, I did not want to tell people my agenda. I wanted to have the meeting that spoke about free market health care reform. If there were people at the meeting wanting to stand up for liberty, I would take them aside and we would start the association.

Anyway, I decided to take one last shot at starting a conversation on free market health care reform.

I am registering all the trademarks needed to secure the business name.

This process is expensive.

A few years back I created a coupon site to test affiliate marketing called . The commissions from any sales will go toward the association and the defense of free market health care.

I will announce more about the association later this week.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ok Surgery Center

I just watched a wonderful video about the Surgery Center of Oklahoma which engages in the radical process of publishing prices for its services online.

Publishing prices is unheard of in the modern medical industry which has learned to keep such information secret from patients.

The video by Reason TV claims that many doctors are wanting to take this route. The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) in Tucson also advocates a return to fee-for-service medicine.

Unfortunately, the problem in health care is not coming from the doctors. As wonderful as they are, doctors are unable to fix the problem in health care.<

The problems in health care come from the financial sector. For the last half century, corporate America has attempted to use group funding for individual consumption. This experiment in socializing medicine at the corporate level broke the pricing mechanism and led widespread abuse.

The solution is to restore the concept of self-funded care.

The only way to restore the concept of self-funded health care is to create a structured program to help people self-fund their care. I have worked for many in great detail on this subject and have a mechanism to restore self-funded care.

Because the problems lie in the financial sector, there needs to be a financial solution to the problem. I've been trying for four years to find people brave enough to discuss free market health care reform. I hope to take one more stab at this problem. I will make a big announcement next week. Enjoy the video. If you are doing Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping, please visit my affiliate site any commissions I receive will go to the project.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving & a Last Ditch Effort

I decided to make one last ditch effort at hosting a meeting on free market health care reform.

To get the engine rolling, I had to file some legal documents earlier this week. I will give details on this effort next week when I get the paperwork back from the State.

Personally, I think it absurd that in this last four years of debate about health care that not a single Conservative has been willing to invest an evening to discuss free market health care reform.

Albeit. I live in Utah. Utah sports a different brand of Conservatism than the rest of the nation.

The plan still involves a trip to either Arizona, Colorado, Nevada or possibly Southern California. Since it is winter, I am inclined to go to Arizona since I could sleep outside and avoid the hotel cost.

I figure the cost of travel plus renting a meeting space in Arizona would cost from $500 to $750. Travel to Colorado or Southern California would cost $1000 to $1500.

Driving to Texas would probably cost $1500 to $2000. Driving to Florida would cost upwards to $3000.

I spent my every last penny in 2010. I am dead broke.

But today is Thanksgiving.

Which means that tomorrow is Black Friday.

The commissions on any sales from my e-commerce site A Fountain of Bargains will go to paying for this last ditch effort to promote free market health care reform.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Resisting the Health Exchanges

The health care debate for the last four years made me sick. From day one, the Republican establishment played a snide game in which they hoped the Democrats would burn their political capital creating health exchanges that the Republicans would capture with the 2012 election.

This game reached absurd levels when Republicans fielded the father of RomneyCare against the father of ObamaCare, hoping Americans would not notice that they were both the same health care plan.

Both RomneyCare and ObamaCare social medicine via state run health exchanges. The exchanges differ only in the band of rogues holding the ring of power.

The health exchange is premised on the flawed assumption that your health is the property of the collective and that your health care should be traded by massive centralized banks (pools) in a Wall Street like exchange.

The state run exchanges have the same basic structure as Enron. Enron, as you may recall, was a multibillion dollar fiasco built around a centralized energy exchange. The Enron sold the poison that its internal exchange would eliminate the risk associated with energy and reduce prices. Enron's exchange led to rolling brownouts in the community and ended in internal financial collapse.

Founding our health care on the business model of Enron is pure insanity.

The Republican Establishment loves the idea because it concentrates wealth and power. The far left promotes the exchanges because they see them as a step on the path to the true objective of socialism.

Unfortunately, during the health care debate. The Republican establishment actively suppressed real discussion of free market reform in the gamble that they would be able to discredit Obama and win the presidency in 2016.

This whole thing makes me sick.

However, I am an optimist at heart.

The Republican ploy to capture the health exchanges failed.

For the very first time in this four year long debate, I am seeing Conservatives questioning the health exchanges.

Republican run states are hesitating in the implementation of the health exchanges.

It is still possible to beat this beast.

If a group of patriots actually physically sat in a room to discuss real free market health care reform, that group might make a difference.

I live in Utah. The Utah Republican Party is run (lock stock and barrel) by "The Establishment." Utah Republicans actively repress any debate about free market health care reform.

I am a computer programmer/mathematician. I am not a pundit, nor a politician. I worked for several decades on the issue of free market health care reform and have insights that could be of value to any group wanting to resist the exchanges.

I love the American experiment in self rule. I do not want to see this experiment fail. I spent every penny I had driving thousands of miles trying to find even one person willing to discuss free market health care reform.

Freedom is not lost. If there is a group of patriots interested in saving the American experiment in self rule. I'd be happy to travel to your group to discuss ways to resist and turn back the health exchanges in ObamaCare (and RomneyCare). I have a presentation on funding health care that takes about two hours.

The presentation includes a step by step plan on how small business and free people can stand against ObamaCare. All is not lost.

The forces of freedom could easily win the health care battle if people approached the issue from the correct angle.

The Republican game of trying to discredit Obama so that they could capture the health exchanges (ie, the Mitt Romney campaign) was a snide and sinister strategy from the start. A direct campaign against the health exchanges with the eye of restoring health freedom could still win the day.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Multidimensional Data

Health Care is a fascinating multidimensional space. The Insurance industry (and socialism) attempt to project the complexities of this multidimensional space onto onto a two dimensional surface from which a corrupt impose their dictates.

When I worked in health care, I began seeing the complex dimensions of health care and realized that the free market approach will produce better results than insurance or socialism (insurance is privately owned socialism). To explore the concept I created a fictional entity which I called the "Medical Savings and Loan" as a simple tool to start exploring this space. With the limited data I had, I was able to show that the MS&L outperformed insurance and socialism.

People following this blog notice that I keep mentioning that I have an approach to health care reform that I desperately want to pursue. I don't produce data because it is time consuming and costly to get the data I want to display.

In the video below, Hans Rosling explores data dimensions. Please watch this video. You need to right click the video and select watch in couch mode.

Hans Rosling shows the best stats you've ever seen from TEDTalks on Vimeo.

The Medical Savings and Loan is a data driven approach to health care. The key component of the plan is a new position called health care advocate. The advocate is a clerical position. There would be thousands of advocates spending forty hour weeks accumulating information about health care. These advocates would be sharing their data through a structured publishing system.

Actuaries would study the data in detail then report back findings from the data back through to advocates to the people. If you were an advocate, your job would be to accumulate data while periodically giving your clients presentations like the one on the video showing their expected health costs.

Clients of the MS&L would keep the bulk of their health dollars. Each client would have a dedicated advocate who accumulates health and financial data. The advocate would give presentations similar to this presentation of Hans Rosling that would help people understand their health and how they can improve it.

We would replace insurance (or socialism) with a system where people had a dedicated advocate and access to quality information.

A group dedicated to free market health care reform could destroy ObamaCare if they just sat down in a friggin' room and created a program for publishing health data.

The people who are willing to take a chance to sit in a room and explore health data might find themselves owning businesses in which they made a substantial income.

Instead we have an idiotic Republican Party that spends its entire wealth parsing electoral information to pieces and FoxNews that loves to present news as conflict.

For four years, I've been begging patriots to meet and talk about free market health care reform. The goal of the meeting is to lay in place a structure that can accumulate quality health care data. With the quality health care data, we can prove that that a free market health care system would outperform a socialist model (aka the Health Exchanges).

Watch the video through, the first part of the video shows that our learned college professors have a studied ignorance about health care. The end of the presentation shows how countries changes through time. The first meeting would be to create a structure that can start accumulating data. Once we have some quality peer reviewed data, the group would start giving presentations that show health care is a multidimensional space and will argue that the free market, not socialism, is the source for multidimensional solutions. But I am stuck in a hole living in Utah where people simply refuse to talk solutions. I would be happy to travel to a location where people are willing to put in the effort to put together quality analysis like the video above.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Defeating ObamaCare

It is still possible to defeat ObamaCare.

The method involves something that Conservatives seem to be completely unwilling to do. It involves thinking out of the box and discussing ideas.

The weak part of ObamaCare is the insurance mandates. The way to beat ObamaCare is to create a viable alternative to insurance.

Please notice, I am not talking about a political program. I am talking about a business model. The idea is to create a new business model, once a group of people is happy with that model, then they can then argue for making that business model legal.

I called the business model "The Medical Savings and Loan." I am more than happy to change the name. The point of the program is to build, from the ground up, a method for self-financing health care.

The program uses a radically different system of contracts and a different mathematical model than insurance. For example, the program supplements care through a system of grants, rather than a system of legal contracts. The program will have the same amount of money. Replacing contracts with grants breaks the allusion that health care is a right.

The program is a business model. It is not a government program.

Fortunately, it is still legal for people to meet to discuss creating businesses.

To get the program going, all that is needed is for a small group of patriots to sit down for a weekend, discuss free market health care and to create an association for defining the business model. No money, beyond the cost of travel and hosting a meeting is involved.

Unfortunately, I live in Salt Lake City. I need to travel a great distance to find people interested in free market health care reform. I would be happy to travel a great distance if I could find a group interested in free market health care. Here is my contact form.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Only Way to Beat ObamaCare is for People to Talk

ObamaCare (PPACA) is an attempt to socialize health care through a network of health exchanges implemented at the state level. Yes, that is right. It is Federal Legislation that requires the creation of RomneyCare type health exchanges in each state.

The Health Exchanges are premised on a bizarre notion that large capital pools should own the health care resources of the nation, and that a large centralized mechanism should do the thinking for the people.

ObamaCare was built on the basic structure of RomneyCare. The ideas for RomneyCare, ObamaCare and Health Exchanges flow directly from a work called "Das Kapital" from an 19th century psychopath named Karl Marx.

The heart of Marxian thought is The Material Dialectics. Dialectics is a game in which the ruling class presents the people with false dichotomies.

We are currently at the end stretch of one of the most shrill political cycles in U.S. history. People are more divided than ever but are choosing between two candidates who are essentially clones of each other. Republicans are somehow convinced that Health Exchanges imposed at the State Level is somehow the free market in action, while Democrats believe that Health Exchanges imposed at the State Level and regulated by the Feds is social justice in action.

This is a false dichotomy. The only real question this election is which band of scoundrels will hold the ring of power.

Millions of Tea Partyers and Libertarians will march to the polls on Tuesday believing that voting Romney might somehow make ObamaCare go away.

What they fail to understand is that PPACA is simply the legislation that created the Health Exchanges. The creation of theses beasts is already underway in every state.

The one and only way for us to rid ourselves of the mistake of PPACA is for people to discuss real free market health care reform for people to come up with an alternative to the health exchanges.

Unfortunately, the power brokers in the parties and media have such a myopic eye on the ring of power that it is unlikely that anyone will ever in the few hours to discuss free market alternatives to insurance and the health exchanges.

Personally, I will be voting for a third party on Tuesday. My thoughts are that, if enough people reject the false dichotomy between ObamaCare and RomneyCare, both parties will be forced to rethink their platform for 2016.

Voting Romney will not get rid of ObamaCare. There will simply be a token repeal followed by the imposition of Health Exchanges (RomneyCare) throughout the states. Voting Obama won't lead to a repeal of his namesake legislation.

PPACA is a bad law that will make health care worse. If both parties are forced to rethink their platform in the wake of a split vote, we might see some brave soul stand up and take the effort to contemplate real free market reform.

BTW, any group interested in discussing real free market reform is welcome to contact me.