Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Defeating ObamaCare

It is still possible to defeat ObamaCare.

The method involves something that Conservatives seem to be completely unwilling to do. It involves thinking out of the box and discussing ideas.

The weak part of ObamaCare is the insurance mandates. The way to beat ObamaCare is to create a viable alternative to insurance.

Please notice, I am not talking about a political program. I am talking about a business model. The idea is to create a new business model, once a group of people is happy with that model, then they can then argue for making that business model legal.

I called the business model "The Medical Savings and Loan." I am more than happy to change the name. The point of the program is to build, from the ground up, a method for self-financing health care.

The program uses a radically different system of contracts and a different mathematical model than insurance. For example, the program supplements care through a system of grants, rather than a system of legal contracts. The program will have the same amount of money. Replacing contracts with grants breaks the allusion that health care is a right.

The program is a business model. It is not a government program.

Fortunately, it is still legal for people to meet to discuss creating businesses.

To get the program going, all that is needed is for a small group of patriots to sit down for a weekend, discuss free market health care and to create an association for defining the business model. No money, beyond the cost of travel and hosting a meeting is involved.

Unfortunately, I live in Salt Lake City. I need to travel a great distance to find people interested in free market health care reform. I would be happy to travel a great distance if I could find a group interested in free market health care. Here is my contact form.

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