Saturday, November 17, 2012

Resisting the Health Exchanges

The health care debate for the last four years made me sick. From day one, the Republican establishment played a snide game in which they hoped the Democrats would burn their political capital creating health exchanges that the Republicans would capture with the 2012 election.

This game reached absurd levels when Republicans fielded the father of RomneyCare against the father of ObamaCare, hoping Americans would not notice that they were both the same health care plan.

Both RomneyCare and ObamaCare social medicine via state run health exchanges. The exchanges differ only in the band of rogues holding the ring of power.

The health exchange is premised on the flawed assumption that your health is the property of the collective and that your health care should be traded by massive centralized banks (pools) in a Wall Street like exchange.

The state run exchanges have the same basic structure as Enron. Enron, as you may recall, was a multibillion dollar fiasco built around a centralized energy exchange. The Enron sold the poison that its internal exchange would eliminate the risk associated with energy and reduce prices. Enron's exchange led to rolling brownouts in the community and ended in internal financial collapse.

Founding our health care on the business model of Enron is pure insanity.

The Republican Establishment loves the idea because it concentrates wealth and power. The far left promotes the exchanges because they see them as a step on the path to the true objective of socialism.

Unfortunately, during the health care debate. The Republican establishment actively suppressed real discussion of free market reform in the gamble that they would be able to discredit Obama and win the presidency in 2016.

This whole thing makes me sick.

However, I am an optimist at heart.

The Republican ploy to capture the health exchanges failed.

For the very first time in this four year long debate, I am seeing Conservatives questioning the health exchanges.

Republican run states are hesitating in the implementation of the health exchanges.

It is still possible to beat this beast.

If a group of patriots actually physically sat in a room to discuss real free market health care reform, that group might make a difference.

I live in Utah. The Utah Republican Party is run (lock stock and barrel) by "The Establishment." Utah Republicans actively repress any debate about free market health care reform.

I am a computer programmer/mathematician. I am not a pundit, nor a politician. I worked for several decades on the issue of free market health care reform and have insights that could be of value to any group wanting to resist the exchanges.

I love the American experiment in self rule. I do not want to see this experiment fail. I spent every penny I had driving thousands of miles trying to find even one person willing to discuss free market health care reform.

Freedom is not lost. If there is a group of patriots interested in saving the American experiment in self rule. I'd be happy to travel to your group to discuss ways to resist and turn back the health exchanges in ObamaCare (and RomneyCare). I have a presentation on funding health care that takes about two hours.

The presentation includes a step by step plan on how small business and free people can stand against ObamaCare. All is not lost.

The forces of freedom could easily win the health care battle if people approached the issue from the correct angle.

The Republican game of trying to discredit Obama so that they could capture the health exchanges (ie, the Mitt Romney campaign) was a snide and sinister strategy from the start. A direct campaign against the health exchanges with the eye of restoring health freedom could still win the day.

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