Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Only Way to Beat ObamaCare is for People to Talk

ObamaCare (PPACA) is an attempt to socialize health care through a network of health exchanges implemented at the state level. Yes, that is right. It is Federal Legislation that requires the creation of RomneyCare type health exchanges in each state.

The Health Exchanges are premised on a bizarre notion that large capital pools should own the health care resources of the nation, and that a large centralized mechanism should do the thinking for the people.

ObamaCare was built on the basic structure of RomneyCare. The ideas for RomneyCare, ObamaCare and Health Exchanges flow directly from a work called "Das Kapital" from an 19th century psychopath named Karl Marx.

The heart of Marxian thought is The Material Dialectics. Dialectics is a game in which the ruling class presents the people with false dichotomies.

We are currently at the end stretch of one of the most shrill political cycles in U.S. history. People are more divided than ever but are choosing between two candidates who are essentially clones of each other. Republicans are somehow convinced that Health Exchanges imposed at the State Level is somehow the free market in action, while Democrats believe that Health Exchanges imposed at the State Level and regulated by the Feds is social justice in action.

This is a false dichotomy. The only real question this election is which band of scoundrels will hold the ring of power.

Millions of Tea Partyers and Libertarians will march to the polls on Tuesday believing that voting Romney might somehow make ObamaCare go away.

What they fail to understand is that PPACA is simply the legislation that created the Health Exchanges. The creation of theses beasts is already underway in every state.

The one and only way for us to rid ourselves of the mistake of PPACA is for people to discuss real free market health care reform for people to come up with an alternative to the health exchanges.

Unfortunately, the power brokers in the parties and media have such a myopic eye on the ring of power that it is unlikely that anyone will ever in the few hours to discuss free market alternatives to insurance and the health exchanges.

Personally, I will be voting for a third party on Tuesday. My thoughts are that, if enough people reject the false dichotomy between ObamaCare and RomneyCare, both parties will be forced to rethink their platform for 2016.

Voting Romney will not get rid of ObamaCare. There will simply be a token repeal followed by the imposition of Health Exchanges (RomneyCare) throughout the states. Voting Obama won't lead to a repeal of his namesake legislation.

PPACA is a bad law that will make health care worse. If both parties are forced to rethink their platform in the wake of a split vote, we might see some brave soul stand up and take the effort to contemplate real free market reform.

BTW, any group interested in discussing real free market reform is welcome to contact me.

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