Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Start an Association

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The weakest part of ObamaCare is the insurance mandate. The best way to defeat ObamaCare is to create a viable alternative to insurance.
Funding health care is a business problem, not a government problem. To restore the free market, we need a business solution!

Creating a business solution to a problem as complex as health care requires more than a single business. It will require a network of businesses.

The best path to creating a network of businesses is to create a business association.
The proper way to start an association is for a group of like minded people to get together and form an organizing committee that would then register and form the legal structure for the association.

There is a catch here.

Lets say a group is getting together to start an organization. Any jokester who hears about the effort can throw a wrench in the works by registering the name of the association as a business.

For the last couple years, I've tried to take the tact of hosting a meeting with people angry about ObamaCare. The meeting would end with the primary action item of starting a business association and publishing a book. The group would select a spokesman, chairman, etc..

(The book is mostly written, but needs editing. I would have given co-authorship to anyone wanting to add a chapter or help edit the book.)

Starting the association and publishing the book would cost a couple grand. The group would

Unfortunately, there is one big catch to this plan.

If I announced the name I wanted to use for the association, anyone wanting to throw a wrench in the works would simply run out and register the association name as a business.

This is a common tact used by progressives in Utah. Progressives give a badge of honor to anyone who creates legal challenges for Libertarians or Conservatives who try to start businesses.

So, I did not want to tell people my agenda. I wanted to have the meeting that spoke about free market health care reform. If there were people at the meeting wanting to stand up for liberty, I would take them aside and we would start the association.

Anyway, I decided to take one last shot at starting a conversation on free market health care reform.

I am registering all the trademarks needed to secure the business name.

This process is expensive.

A few years back I created a coupon site to test affiliate marketing called . The commissions from any sales will go toward the association and the defense of free market health care.

I will announce more about the association later this week.

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