Monday, July 27, 2015

Dehumanized Care

The "Center for Medical Progress" is making a stir by showing videos of people from Planned Parenthood negotiating the sale of body parts from aborted babies.

Pro-life groups are using these shocking tapes to target the abortion industry. The sad truth is that this type of behavior is likely to become common throughout our entire health care system.

Planned Parent receives a substantial amount of federal and state funding. It is the model of the highly regulated medical industry envisioned by the progressive movement.

The path that the health care industry is following is dehumanizing. Socialism is dehumanizing. Socialism sees the community as having greater value than the individual humans in the community. And when the system stops seeing people as living inviolate beings, the system is likely to start seeing the harvest of body parts as a legitimate form of income.

In a true free market system, health care is a service provided by doctors directly to patients. This direct contract forces the system as a whole to align with the needs of individuals.

In socialized care, insurance is a form of socialized care, throws a third party into the mix.

As the system aligns to the desires of the third party, the system become dehumanized.

Planned Parenthood is the poster child of this industrialized form of health care. According to CNSNews Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions in fiscal 2011.

Reports say that the Holocaust took six million lives. So, every 18 years, Planned Parenthood commits a Holocaust.

Our industrial style approach to health care reduces people to statistics. When the "health care system" simply sees people as parts processed through a machine, the harvesting of body parts in the system is soon to follow.

Please note, I don't see this problem as unique to government funded care. The Health Insurance industry is as bad as government. The insurance industry attempts to fund care by putting us in groups and providing care to people on a group basis. The actuaries and underwriters who determine the scope and quality of our care see us as statistics. This dehumanized approach to health care has no moral compunction against harvesting body parts from the people who flow through the system.

I am delighted that prolifers are outraged at Planned Parenthood. I only wish that people on the right realized that their precious little insurance companies, the fertility industry, as other aspects or our industrial approach to health care (including insurance companies) are as dehumanizing as Planned Parenthood.

The abortion machine in the Planned Parenthood corporation is just one of the more flagrant examples of an entire health care system which is off track.