Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Missing Link

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson StoryI just watched a delightful presentation by Dr. Ben Carson on PBS titled The Missing Link about the science of brain health.

The presentation lights into a discussion about the development of the human brain and touches on issues such as the importance of nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and a healthy lifestyle in brain health.

What I love about Dr. Carson is that he sees the development of our minds to be more important than simple physical wealth.

Now, this is an admittedly political blog. I've watched Dr. Ben Carson on Fox News. The Fox News Interviews were happy to use Dr. Carson as a bludgeon to beat down on Obama. This PBS show is the first time that I've seen Dr. Carson used to present important ideas in depth.

After watching this great show on Public TV, I am left wondering why we never see Conservatives outlets developing ideas in depth?

If there were more people in the freedom movement brave enough to discuss health, the American people would see through the absurdity of progressivism.

Imagine all the things that could be done if there were only people willing to discuss issues.

If no-one ever does anything then we are simply sunk.