Monday, November 12, 2012

Multidimensional Data

Health Care is a fascinating multidimensional space. The Insurance industry (and socialism) attempt to project the complexities of this multidimensional space onto onto a two dimensional surface from which a corrupt impose their dictates.

When I worked in health care, I began seeing the complex dimensions of health care and realized that the free market approach will produce better results than insurance or socialism (insurance is privately owned socialism). To explore the concept I created a fictional entity which I called the "Medical Savings and Loan" as a simple tool to start exploring this space. With the limited data I had, I was able to show that the MS&L outperformed insurance and socialism.

People following this blog notice that I keep mentioning that I have an approach to health care reform that I desperately want to pursue. I don't produce data because it is time consuming and costly to get the data I want to display.

In the video below, Hans Rosling explores data dimensions. Please watch this video. You need to right click the video and select watch in couch mode.

Hans Rosling shows the best stats you've ever seen from TEDTalks on Vimeo.

The Medical Savings and Loan is a data driven approach to health care. The key component of the plan is a new position called health care advocate. The advocate is a clerical position. There would be thousands of advocates spending forty hour weeks accumulating information about health care. These advocates would be sharing their data through a structured publishing system.

Actuaries would study the data in detail then report back findings from the data back through to advocates to the people. If you were an advocate, your job would be to accumulate data while periodically giving your clients presentations like the one on the video showing their expected health costs.

Clients of the MS&L would keep the bulk of their health dollars. Each client would have a dedicated advocate who accumulates health and financial data. The advocate would give presentations similar to this presentation of Hans Rosling that would help people understand their health and how they can improve it.

We would replace insurance (or socialism) with a system where people had a dedicated advocate and access to quality information.

A group dedicated to free market health care reform could destroy ObamaCare if they just sat down in a friggin' room and created a program for publishing health data.

The people who are willing to take a chance to sit in a room and explore health data might find themselves owning businesses in which they made a substantial income.

Instead we have an idiotic Republican Party that spends its entire wealth parsing electoral information to pieces and FoxNews that loves to present news as conflict.

For four years, I've been begging patriots to meet and talk about free market health care reform. The goal of the meeting is to lay in place a structure that can accumulate quality health care data. With the quality health care data, we can prove that that a free market health care system would outperform a socialist model (aka the Health Exchanges).

Watch the video through, the first part of the video shows that our learned college professors have a studied ignorance about health care. The end of the presentation shows how countries changes through time. The first meeting would be to create a structure that can start accumulating data. Once we have some quality peer reviewed data, the group would start giving presentations that show health care is a multidimensional space and will argue that the free market, not socialism, is the source for multidimensional solutions. But I am stuck in a hole living in Utah where people simply refuse to talk solutions. I would be happy to travel to a location where people are willing to put in the effort to put together quality analysis like the video above.

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