Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thrown for a Loop

I have to apologize. The complete lack of sales for cyber weekend threw me for a loop.

I sincerely believe that health care is the most important issue of our day.

Conservatives completely choked on the issue. The Republican Party played a snide game in which they sought to capture ObamaCare and have suppressed discussion of real free market reform.

If a group began discussing real free market health care reform, that group could have a profound impact. But I've been unable to find such a discussion.

I've spent every last penny I had trying to find someone willing to invest the two hours to discussion the most important issue of our generation.

I find it bizarre beyond belief that Conservatives immediately slam the door when a person brings up the topic.

I spent every penny I had trying to find anyone willing to discuss free market health care. The conversation involves the mathematics of funding health care and what if scenarios. The conversation requires feedback and cannot be done on a blog.

The argument is that we would get more and better care if we restored the concept of self funded health care and fee-for-service medicine. To make this argument, I must develop a model for group-funded care and a model for self-funded care and compare the two.

This simply cannot be done in a blog post!

Blogs are great for agitation. They are not a good format for developing ideas. Developing ideas is best done in face to face conversations with instant feedback.

Sadly, I live in Utah (which is renown for its closed-mindedness). The LDS Church is 100% committed to the idea of socializing medicine through health exchanges. Every major LDS politician favors a form of ObamaCare. Harry Reid was a primary author of PPACA, which was based on RomneyCare. The Leavitt Insurance Agency by former governor Mike Leavitt is heavily invested in health exchanges. Former Governor Jon Huntsman and current Governor Gary Herbert are committed to implementing the Health Exchanges of PPACA.

Utah is a closed society which reviles open discourse. This picture shows the sum total of people at the Utah Stand Up for Freedom Rally. This rally was well publicized by Glenn Beck, the national and local media. Only about 200 people in a metropolitan area of two million showed up for the most publicized Health Care event of 2012. The speakers, families of the speakers and media made up half the total.

I've written to every conservative and libertarian group I can find in Utah. There is not a single group in this state willing to discuss free market health care reform.

The Republican strategy in Utah was simply to vilify Obama, with hopes of capturing ObamaCare, which would be rebranded as RomneyCare.

What the Republicans did was insidious. The campaign to capture and rebrand ObamaCare was not real debate it was simply the cunning strategy of right wing rogues.

I want real debate and have been seeking to find a group to discuss real free market health care.

This means I must travel. I figure the best bet is Arizona. Phoenix is about 663 miles away. 40 gallons of gas to get there and back. It is warm and I can sleep in my car. I also need an oil change.

I would love to take one last shot at getting people together to discuss free market health care reform. I am certain that if a group of liberty leaning folks would see my presentation, that the argument I put forward could help defeat ObamaCare.

I was really hoping that I would make something off my web sites this holiday season. Seeing that it won't happen was extremely disappointing.

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