Friday, November 23, 2012

Ok Surgery Center

I just watched a wonderful video about the Surgery Center of Oklahoma which engages in the radical process of publishing prices for its services online.

Publishing prices is unheard of in the modern medical industry which has learned to keep such information secret from patients.

The video by Reason TV claims that many doctors are wanting to take this route. The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) in Tucson also advocates a return to fee-for-service medicine.

Unfortunately, the problem in health care is not coming from the doctors. As wonderful as they are, doctors are unable to fix the problem in health care.<

The problems in health care come from the financial sector. For the last half century, corporate America has attempted to use group funding for individual consumption. This experiment in socializing medicine at the corporate level broke the pricing mechanism and led widespread abuse.

The solution is to restore the concept of self-funded care.

The only way to restore the concept of self-funded health care is to create a structured program to help people self-fund their care. I have worked for many in great detail on this subject and have a mechanism to restore self-funded care.

Because the problems lie in the financial sector, there needs to be a financial solution to the problem. I've been trying for four years to find people brave enough to discuss free market health care reform. I hope to take one more stab at this problem. I will make a big announcement next week. Enjoy the video. If you are doing Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping, please visit my affiliate site any commissions I receive will go to the project.

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