Saturday, December 22, 2012

Taking Control of the Narrative

The "Fiscal Cliff" (which dominates the news) is a crisis manufactured by politicians.

The US Debt is real. We are likely to see a complete failure of our nation if our politicians fail to address the debt.

The debt is bad, the debt, in and of itself, is not the heart of our nation's malaise.

Our malaise is the result of our looking to the government for the answers and not to ourselves.

Yes, government debt is destroying our society.

Unfortunately, politicians have learned to use the crises caused by their malfeasance to demand more resources from the people.

The crisis caused by excessive government results in a never ending demand for more government.

To truly solve our problems, the freedom movement needs to counter this game of action/reaction and restore the narrative that a free society is a strong and prosperous one.

IMHO, health care is the most important issue of the day.

The most productive thing the freedom movement could do in 2013 is to avert its eye's from the train wreck in Washington and engage in a substantive debate about free market health care reform.

Health care is a fascinating subject that will draw people into the freedom movement.

I contend that, if a small group of patriots engaged in an authentic conversation of free market health care, the freedom movement could capture the narrative and put America back on the path of freedom and prosperity.

Unfortunately, as long as conservatives are content with the game of reacting to actions engineered by the ruling elite, we are doomed to stay on the road to serfdom until we experience national collapse.

But if a small group of people were brave enough to discuss free market health care, that group could turn the narrative around.

Unfortunately, I am stuck in Utah. Utah is unique. The state was founded by a group seeking to create a theocratic socialism. There is no freedom movement in Utah. Notice how every prominent Mormon is for a version of ObamaCare. Harry Reid sponsored ObamaCare. Mitt Romney imposed RomneyCare in Ma. Governor Mike Leavitt's insurance company is selling Health Exchanges. Jon Huntsman supported socializing health care via health exchanges. The Republican Utah legislature was among the first groups to adopt ObamaCare. The Sutherland Institute supports socialized health care run by a State Compact.

Every attempt to discuss free market health care is suppressed in Utah by the ruling elite.

I am willing to travel, but I have to be certain that, if I drove 500 miles to talk to a group, that there would someone there.

The fact that I've been unable to find anyone interested in engaging in a substantive talk on health care reform is so incredibly frustrating it makes me want to scream.

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