Sunday, December 23, 2012


Here's a puzzle for you:

Why is that progressive get all bugged-eyed and paranoid at the thought that a web firm might record click stream data from users while they don't bat an eyelash that the Health Exchanges of ObamaCare will give bureaucrats and big businesses intimately detailed information about their health?

For that matter, why is it that progressives don't seem to care that the ruling elite will essentially be engaged in making trades based on the health of the people on the health exchanges of ObamaCare?

Is is possible that people really are this naïve?

PS: If ever someone wanted to engage in a fascinating discussion of privacy rights in health care, they could contact me about the Medical Savings and Loan. I have a detailed presentation which shows that a system based on self-funded care will provide better health services and protect the privacy of the people.

All I need is a group within 500 miles of Salt Lake or a group that is willing to pay travel costs and I will give a presentation that will blow ObamaCare away.

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