Monday, December 24, 2012

An Intrusive Health Care Database

ObamaCare entails the creation of a massive centralized database that will rival any data system on earth.

This closed system will record in minute detail the health systems of every American. The programs will be used by the ruling elite in Corporate America and the government to trade your health care on a centralized exchange.

The massive health database can easily be joined with records of your political activities, your business activities, your sexual activities, your web browsing activities, your reading activities and what not allowing the ruling elite to keep the people in check.

Since ObamaCare will be the largest and most intrusive database in history. ObamaCare rivals the East German Stasi in the intrusiveness and scope of the data that they will collect on every American citizen.

It is not surprising that the ruling elite want a massive database that they can use to keep the people in check.

Two millennia ago, the Roman Emperor demanded that everyone travel to the place of their birth for a census of the empire. The enumeration would be used for the allocation of military resources and taxation.

Being the day before Christmas, I might inject that the birth of Jesus Christ took place during this enumeration.

Maintaining massive databases to keep the people in check is not a new idea. ObamaCare is just keeping to an age old tradition of oppression.

If there is any group within 500 miles of Salt Lake City willing to discuss alternatives to ObamaCare, please contact me. I have a wonderful free presentation on free market alternatives.

If you are more than 500 miles away and have a group sufficient to fund a trip, I will be happy to travel to your location.  If someone wants to travel to Park City for a ski trip, I would be happy to combine my presentation and your trip.

I am ready to drive to Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, Colorado Springs or Denver if there was a group of 20 plus people wanting to stand up for health freedom. Please use this contact form.

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