Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Programming for Two

It's absurd.

Conservatives burn up the political capital of the freedom movement on frivolous issues such as land grabs, the gun culture, fiscal cliff debates and unabashed defense of a corrupt financial system.

Meanwhile they ignore the most critical issue of our day: Health Care Reform.

The freedom movement would win the day, if only there was a group of people with enough courage to discuss free market health care reform. There is no such a group within 500 miles of Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately, what I've been doing is even more absurd.

I believe that the key to defeating ObamaCare is for a group of people to create a viable alternative to insurance.

The weak part of ObamaCare is the insurance mandate. This mandate hinges on the false assumption that insurance is the only way to fund health care (socialism is insurance at a national scale).

The key to defeating this concept is to create a viable alternative to insurance.

To do this, a group of people needs to create a business model formed on the concept of self-funded health care.

Yes, I said the solution is to start businesses. Financing health care is a business problem, not a political problem.We need new businesses not new government programs.

Please note. Talking about business does not imply a commitment to that business. The discussion is about creating business models to replace the insurance model.

Most people refuse to go to meetings that talk about business. Since people refuse to talk about ways that business could solve our health care problems, we are left with only government solutions.

The group would discuss business models. Ultimately, the solution to health care would involve people creating new businesses.

I know. I know. I know. People hate and despise business.

If Americans hate business so much that we absolutely refuse to talk about business, then we should give up on the American experiment in self rule and adopt the Soviet model ... which will happen inevitably if people never discuss ways to solve problems with business.

I spent four years trying to find a person who is willing to discuss free market health care. The conversation would be about how a new business model for financing health care would change the face of health care.

I find it absurd that Conservatives slam the door in my face every time I talk about creating business solutions to solve a business problem.

But what I am doing is far more absurd.

After four years of being unable to find a group willing to discuss free market health care reform. I am still trying to figure out how to get three or four people in a room for an afternoon to discuss free market health care.

The latest absurd step I took was create a thing called Health Care Advocate Association.

The mission of the HCAA is simply to discuss alternatives to standard pooled insurance.

So, I now have an association with a single person in it.

I've been trying to figure out what an association with a single person in it can do.

I can host meetings in which I talk to myself.

Being a computer programmer. I spent two weeks trying to write computer programs.

It is stupid to try writing a computer program with no user input.

One of the biggest mistakes one can make in computer programming is to let the programmer design the tests for the program. The programmer will simply write tests that mirror the code. The tests will not reflect the end user's experience.

Because what I am doing is absurd, I end up just staring at a blank computer screen and decide to play computer games instead.

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