Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Traveling Show

The primary focus of the "Health Care Advocate Association" is to host meetings about free market health care reform.

There is a critical need for this function. Let's face it, we will lose all freedoms if no-one ever talks about health freedom.

The focus of the projects is the assertion that the problem in health care lies with our use of group funding of individual consumption.

Health Care is a complex subject. It takes about two hours to lay a solid base for discussing the differences between group-funded and self-funded care.

The meetings start with a presentation of a business model I called "The Medical Savings and Loan." This model uses a combination of savings accounts, a loan reserve and grants to reverse engineer an insurance pool. This business model transforms insurance agents and claims adjusters into a new position called "Health Care Advocate."

I then contrast the advocacy model for administering health care to the litigation model used by insurance. I show that advocacy achieves better results than litigation.

This is a beautiful model for financing health care that strikes at the root false assumption of PPACA (ObamaCare).

I believe that a traveling show that attacks the root assumptions of ObamaCare would be beneficial to the Conservative Movement.

I travel cheap. The expenses of a traveling show are: Gas, hotel rooms, conference rooms and food. Cheap hotels average around $60. Conference rooms seem to cost about $80. I eat cheap. $5 a day suffices. Gas is expensive. My car gets 32 MPG. Driving from Salt Lake to Phoenix costs $75 in gas plus wear on the car.

To make the conference idea work. I would probably need to make $200 to $300 at each stop. Each show would include a fund raising community event.

A traveling show that crossed from San Diego to Florida would cover about 3000 miles and have about 16 stops would cost about $10,000 (that includes the cash to get back home).

Each meetings would include a fundraising activity, which is likely to pay for the meetings.

My presentation is substantive. It could help arm local Tea Party groups to fight against socialized medicine.

The reason we are falling into socialized medicine is because our sound-byte driven media is not engaging in a substantive debate. The antidote is to engage in such a debate.

There are hundreds of traveling trade shows. These shows exist because it is an effective format for conveying messages.
The impossibly hard part is getting the first meeting going. It would take a group of four or so people (within a day's drive of Salt Lake) willing to commit a few days to exploring free market health care reform.

NOTE, I could drive to Las Vegas, Phoenix or Denver. Or, people could come to Utah. Park City has great skiing.

A traveling show that presents a substantive argument for health freedom could play a vital role in defeating ObamaCare and restoring health freedom. The program simply needs a little support and a push.

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