Monday, December 17, 2012


Yes, I confess, I am demoralized and becoming despondent.

For years I operated under the false assumption that the "liberal left" was preoccupied with the image of liberty as the cost of the substance, while the "conservative right" was interested in the substance of liberty.

For example, a free society tends to be both diverse and open. The progressive left believes that if they took the images of openness and diversity and applied these images to the political structure of the monarchy, that they could created paradise on earth in brave new socio-economic system socialism.

The Classical Liberals on the right are interested in the substance of liberty. Classical liberals love to engage in the conversation about how a free society achieves the objectives of a nation better than the totalitarian methods of the left.

Classical Liberals, of course, are only a very small contingent on the right.

The bulk of the Conservative movement is about preserving a corrupt social order with powerful conservatives at the top of the social hierarchy.

My love for the classical liberal view blinded me to the sad truth that conservatives are as mindless and image driven as the left.

The 2012 election should have been about the profound differences between the visions of the US Founders and radical social change.

Rather than having a campaign about substance, Conservatives engaged in a shrill non-debate about which candidate fit the image of conservatism.

Republicans nominated the father of RomneyCare to run against the father of ObamaCare failing to notice that ObamaCare and RomneyCare are the same things!

My simple objective for the last four years has been to find a group interested in spending an afternoon talking about free market health care reform. I spent four years, $10,000 and drove over 5,000 miles trying to find "conservatives" willing to discuss free market health care reform.

That wall all wasted time and effort.

All I learned is that Utah Conservatives have zero interest in free market health care reform. Every popular Mormon politician is for socializing medicine via health exchanges. Harry Reid, Mitt Romney and Mike Leavitt are all on the forefront of the scheme. Jon Huntsman, Gary Herbert and the Sutherland Institute actively support socialized medicine and suppress debate about alternatives. The squabble is over who holds the ring of power.

This world in which no-one is willing to do the hard work and actually discuss the substance of health care is depressing.

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