Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reforming Medicare

I applaud the nomination of Paul Ryan. He is one of the few major political candidates who is willing to take on the tough issues that face our nation. Mr. Ryan is likely to receive a great deal of criticism for his efforts to reform Medicare.

Unfortunately, there is merit to the attacks against Ryan for this effort. If Mr. Ryan cuts Medicare spending without corresponding financial reforms, then we will produce the feared result of creating a society that fails to care for its seniors.

The problem with health care can be summed up in one word::


Before we can reform Medicare, we simply must create a free market alternative to employer based insurance.

Employer based insurance creates an ugly paradigm in which people receive care from their employer.

The moment a person retires, the care is gone.

This problem is inherent with group funding of individual consumption. When people move between groups, the change disrupts health care.

The solution is to create a system of individual funding of individual consumption.

I have a presentation called "The Medical Savings and Loan" in which I demonstrate that we would get optimal results in health care if we restored the concept of self funded health care. I would be happy to travel  to any group in the mountain west that is willing to discuss free market health care reform. Here is my contact form:

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