Thursday, October 4, 2012

Presidential Debate

I am not sure which candidate won the Denver presidential debate. After watching it twice, I fear that the American people lost.

The reason the people are losing is that our pundits keep asking the wrong questions. For example, the political machine has made jobs the fundamental issue of the debate.

Guess what? The president, as envisioned by our founders, had nothing to do with jobs. I suspect the founders would recoil at the idea that the president was the source of jobs.

This is the type of top-down thinking behind the monarchy.

In the monarchy, people thought the wealth of the nation flowed through the king to the people.

The American founders had a bottom up vision in which the people owned property. They created a limited government charged with protecting the property of the people.

If we had a system of equitably distributed wealth and a government set on protecting the property rights of the people, we would have full employment. People who own property keep themselves and others employed in the maintenance of the property.

By arguing the wrong issue, both candidates get set on paths that destroys liberty. Presidents who feel compelled to create jobs are apt to do things that fall outside the scope of a limited government.

The health care debate is a mess as well.

Both candidates start with the false assumption that insurance is the only way to fund health care. I can easily prove that this is not the case if anyone would care to sit through a thirty minute presentation. It would be a fascinating 30 minutes.

Because the candidates hold the false assumption that insurance is health care, they are set on a negative path of mandating that the people buy insurance.

ObamaCare uses the taxing powers of the Federal Government to force people to buy insurance.

During the debate, Mitt Romney declared that he would pressure the states to impose health exchanges and complete with insurance mandates.

The debate has me disheartened. Our nation is clearly going in the wrong direction. This wrong direction is not set by the answers the candidates gave to the questions, but the form of the questions.

The only way to get our nation back on track would be for someone to come in and change the narrative.

I am going to continue my Split The Vote campaign. If a large number of people voted third party, we might see the parties re-examine their platform and start asking the right questions.

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