Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AAPS Presentations

AAPS in Tucson puts on great presentations about ObamaCare from a doctor's perspective.

In the video below, Adam Harris, MD brings argues that doctors should stop accepting Medicare and opt out of ObamaCare if the laws become too intrusive.

The good doctor makes a compelling argument. Unfortunately, the case for doctors opting out of ObamaCare do not come across well. The good doctor sounds like a greedy capitalist complaining about pay and too much government intrusion.

The AAPS and AMA suffer the same problem. Doctor's have an incomplete perspective of health care. The real power of the opt out arguments comes on the consumer side. For the opt out argument to win the day, there needs to be someone arguing from the perspective of the individual.

I put together such a presentation five years ago. I am just patiently waiting to find someone to review it.

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