Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fail Into Freedom

There are growing signs that PPACA (aka ObamaCare) is failing. Costs are over predictions and the administration is being forced to push back implementation of key provisions of the plan until after the midterm election.

Many people seem to be rejoicing with the thought that failure of ObamaCare will magically lead to a restoration of the American Experiment in Self Rule.

I don't believe in magic. 

The rejoicers fail to realize that PPACA was designed, from the beginning, to fail into socialism.

When PPACA fails, the bureaucratic structure behind PPACA is organized to use the crisis to ceases even greater power.

One of the greatest tricks of the left is that they've learned to use government failure to expand the reach of government.

The only way to restore the American Experiment in Self Rule is for people in the freedom movement to develop strategies that will cause PPACA to fail into freedom.

Long ago, I developed a formula for unrolling group pools into individual accounts. I called the plan The Medical Savings and Loan.

This basic plan could be used to increase the odds of PPACA failing into freedom.

Unfortunately, the plan depends on there being people interested in preserving freedom for their children.

I live in Utah. I spent five years searching to find a group within 700 miles of Salt Lake with enough interest in preserving the American Experiment in Self Rule to spend an evening talking about free market health care reform.

Freedom works was in Salt Lake City last weekend. Matt Kibbe invited people to his site freedom connect to host events. So, I created an event for the Medical Savings and Loan. If anyone is interested, then I will give the presentation I developed.

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