Monday, April 23, 2012

On Consolidation of Power

Insurance concentrates wealth and power.

When you take everyone's health care resources and put it in a pool, then the the owners of the pool get extremely wealthy, while the rest diminish.

The solution is to break apart the pools.

The Medical Savings and Loan is a formula for breaking apart the pools, while providing the same level of health care.

If we broke apart the pools we would start breaking up the concentration of wealth and power that is bringing our nation down.

The first step to this process is for a small number of extremely brave people to discuss free market health care.

I have a great program just begging an audience of patriots.

Challenge: I live in Utah. Utah is controlled by the Romney Camp of Republicans. The Romney camp seeks to socialize health care via exchanges at the State Level.

The opposition in Utah is the Harry Reid Camp of Democrats. The Harry Reid Camp of Democrats seek to socialize medicine via exchanges at the National Level.

My only hope is to travel outside of Utah. I spent all of my money last year traveling to Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Denver.

Both the Republican Establishment and Democratic Party want socialized medicine. Patriots could turn the debate around. Turning the debate around is a scary matter of talking alternatives to insurance.

My plan involves starting new businesses. Starting the businesses I have in mind would cost very little and it is likely that some of the people who use the business model would become wealthy.

If there was a group of patriots in the United States that was brave enough to contemplate alternatives to insurance, I would be happy to travel to their location figuring that I would be able to make enough money to pay for the trip.

I should mention, Utah is one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. If a person wanted to travel to Utah, I would be more than happy to take them to some of the scenic wonders near Moab.

A small group of private citizens could turn the health care debate around if they were brave enough to spend a day or two talking about self-funded health care as an alternative to insurance.

NOTE: I've had one offer to go to San Diego. If I could find a second person between Salt Lake and San Diego who is willing to talk about free market health care reform, I would head to San Diego.

Until I find a group willing to talk about alternatives to insurance, I am left hanging. Here is my contact page.

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