Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Socalized at the Employer Level

People toss about terms without adequately defining them. In 2012, Republicans firmly believe that health exchanges run at the state level (The Utah Law) is free market. while health exchanges run at the State level with Federal regulation (ObamaCare) is socialized medicine.

Having worked in Utah State health care, I would take ObamaCare over RomneyCare any day of the week.

I find the idea that ObamaCare is Socialism and RomneyCare is free market absurd; So, I would like to toss in my defintion of socialism.

Socialized medicine starts when the group becomes the primary provider of care for the individual.

The United States uses a system of employer based insurance. This system socializes medicine at the employer level. Employer based insurance turns our nation's businesses into little feudal kingsdom that completely dominate the individual employees and reduces them to serfdom.

Fixing the system is the matter of designing things so that the individual is the primary provider of care.

Our system of health care is corrupt because it starts with the group, then works down to the individual.

A healthy debate would start with the individual and work out.

This project (A Medical Savings and Loan) is simply an effort to find a group that wants to engage in a discussion of health care.

I three years, I've yet to find a group willing to debate real free market health care reform and am devasted.

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