Friday, May 16, 2014

Driving People Out Means Abject Failure

The Tea Party was an authentic freedom movement. A group of people called "conservatives" pushed everyone out of the Tea Party and it diminished.

The  2012 presidential election was a shoe in for the GOP. There was a shrill primary about which candidate was the most conservative. The GOP nominated the most severely conservative candidate from the line up of conservative candidates and managed to grab defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Here in 2014, the GOP should be able to easily capture the Senate and pick up additional seats, but this shrill nonsense about conservatism continues unabated.

The latest Fox Poll shows that Democrats are coming out ahead in the 2014 election.

It looks like those mean spirited people called "conservatives" are successfully driving everyone out of the GOP, just as they drove everyone out of the Tea Party.

I am not in the GOP.

Conservatives have made it clear that me-and-my-kind (people who love the US Founders and support the American experiment in self-rule) are not welcome in the party.

I would be content saying "that's fine with me." After all, the GOP is their party. It is not my party.

Unfortunately, we have a two-party system and the loss of the GOP means that there is no place for the voice of liberty in our society.

There is a faint hope that the shrill people who call themselves "conservatives" might realize that "Modern Conservatism" is a reactionary ideology that is as messed up as modern liberalism. Conservatism does not trace to the US Founders. Conservatism traces to Machiavelli, Hobbes and the Right Wing of the French Revolution.

The Left/Right split which dominates discourse came after the US Revolution. The US Founders despised the Machiavellian thought and partisan discord.

Modern Conservatism is as fundamentally at odds with the ideals of the founders as Modern Progressivism.

The Left/Right split is a reactionary dialectics that came from Europe. The ultimate expression of the Left is Communism. The ultimate expression of the Right is Fascism. The Left reached its apex with Stalin and Mao. The right reached its ultimate expression with Hitler.

There is a small chance that these people who call themselves "conservatives" who destroyed the Tea Party from within and who are now set on driving everyone out of the GOP might tire of defeat and might reconsider conservatism.

For over a half century, Conservatism has been nothing both systematic failure. Modern Conservatism has done as much to undermine our personal liberties as Modern Progressivism.

Unfortunately, this legacy of failure is bound to continue until people calling themselves conservative wake up and realize that "conservatism" is as messed up as the "progressivism" that conservatives loath. Conservatives and Progressives are simply mirror images of each other. They have both accepted the same Hegelian system of discourse.

Americans must reject both "conservatism" and "progressivism" if we wish to survive as a free nation.

There is always a chance that people in the "freedom movement" might start questioning the ideology behind "conservatism" and realize that "conservative" is not a synonym for freedom. They might realize that modern conservatism is a reactionary thought process that is as messed up as modern progressivism.

If we want to restore the promise of American we need to reject both sides of the Left/Right split and pursue a broader discussion of liberty.

Personally, I am convinced that if there was a open discussion of free market health care reform, the group holding the discussion would win.

Both Modern Conservatism and Modern Liberalism have accepted Hegelian dialectics as the foundational of discourse.

It is impossible to engage in fruitful discourse with this methodology as the foundation of the

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