Sunday, May 18, 2014

The VA Health Care Scandals

Apparently there are some health care scandals in the VA that have people upset. Some American Veterans died because the bureaucrats at the VA where more concerned about the appearance of paperwork than the health of the veterans.

I used to work in a state run insurance company.

I am neither surprised nor shocked by this revelation.

This is just the way insurance works.

The thing that I find surprising is that we are a good six years into a debate about health care and that this is the first time that Conservatives have dared discuss the large numbers of people who die because of the massive insurance bureaucracy that stands between the people and their health care.

It is terrible that our veterans are dying because they are not receiving the care they were due.

But this is not an aberration. This is just the way insurance works. If you look in detail at any insurance scheme, you will find large numbers of people being disserviced by the scheme.

This is due to the nature of insurance.

If there was a group that was interested in improving care, that group could make a huge difference in health care simply by discussing the mathematics of health care and alternatives to insurance. Note: SOCIALISM IS INSURANCE RUN BY THE STATE. Socialism is not an alternative to Insurance. Socialism gives total power to a state run insurance company.

Insurance is not really a solution to socialism. Insurance is privately run socialism.

If there was a group of people interested in improving health care. That group could have a huge impact on the debate simply by holding a meeting that discussed alternatives to insurance.

Personally, I have never met a person in the political machine who had any interest in improving the quality of health care. The sole concern in the political machine is power. Insurance concentrates power and the political machine loves concentrated power.

For six years I've had a very simple dream. The dream is simply to attend a meeting about free market health care.

Sadly, since the GOP is as corrupt as the Democratic Party, there will never be any effort in this effort to improve care.

It is really sad. The American Experiment in Self Rule is destined to fail simply because there is no-one in this nation even willing to discuss free market alternatives to insurance.

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