Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trump Does Not Have a Health Care Reform Plan

I suspect that Hillary will win the election.

This might be good for the nation. Folks on the left are finally waking up to the realization that both their party and their ideology are corrupt.

The Affordable Care Act is failing. A Hillary presidency might lead to a substantive debate about health care reform.

As I write, there is a growing possiblity that Trump might win.

I find this problematic because Trump does not have a health care plan.

Vague statements about repealing and replacing Obamacare is not a plan!

Obamacare is a fiendish piece of legislation that is difficult to repeal and can only be replaced if the people repealing the legiistation had a framework in hand for free market health care reform.

I am one of those people who read the bill before it passed. PPACA is tricky.

PPACA is regulated at the Federal level and implemented at the state level.

States spent billions of dollars implementing PPACA. Were Trump to simply repeal Obamacare, America would still be saddled with the state level apparatus.

It is true that, after a repeal of PPACA, individual states will begin working on replacements for Obamacare. But, without a framework for restoring free market health care, the state level legislation is likely to produce even worse results than PPACA.

The right wing talking point is that PPACA is a government take over of health care.

The truth is that PPACA includes a grab bag of goodies for the insurance industry accompanied by federal regulations that limit profits and are believed by progressives to make insurance more equitable.

Insurance companies want to keep those part of Obamacare that line their pockets while shunting off those parts which limit profits.

Local insurance companies are very good at manipulating state regulations. The insurance companies know the financial impact of each line of the local insurance code and have the financial resources to control the local political process.

This means that blindly repealing PPACA is likely to create a regulatory environment that is, for most Americans, even worse than Obamacare.

Recapping: PPACA is Federal legislation implemented by the states. Repealing the Federal Legislation leaves the state regulations. PPACA is a grab bag of goodies for insurance companies. Local insurance companies will keep those aspects of the bill that line their bottom line while reducing those that do not.

To restore free market health care, one needs to create a framework for the repeal that will actually create free market institutions.

I created "The Medical Savings and Loan" to serve as such a framework.

In this work, I create an alternative to group health insurance called "The Medical Savings and Loan." It funds health care through a combination of Savings, a Loan Reserve and Grants. A key figure in this program is a new position called The Health Care Advocate who replaces the insurance agent and claims adjuster.

This structure is uniquely suited to discussing the difference between health care delivered through a collective mechanism such as insurance and socialism. It also provides people seeking free market health care reform a frame to discuss such reform.

NOTE: I developed this presentation a long time ago, but have yet to find an audience interested in the topic. I live in conversative Utah. Conservatives tend to suppress discussions of ideas.

I do not consider my presentation a panacea. But I have studied the issue in sufficient depth to know that we cannot restore free market health care just by waving the "repeal" wand.

To restore free market health care, we need leaders willing to discuss free market health care. I have yet to see anyone in the Trump camp discuss the issue.

I do not for certain that, without a framework for restoring free market health care. Simply repealing Obamacare will make things worse.

I figure that the best hope for repealing Obamacare is for Hillary to win and maybe liberals will finally realize that they've been duped and that the best way for providing care starts by talking about the issue.

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