Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump plans to keep portions of Obamacare

My criticism of Donald Trump was that he did not present a coherent alternative to PPACA and I have yet to see anyone in the GOP talking about substantive health care reform.

In interviews with Wall Street Journal and others, Donald Trump said that he planned to keep key provisions of Obamacare.

This style of politics is precisely what happened in the Bush presidency. GW Bush made a few allusions to free market health care reform. There was never any serious discussion of alternatives. In the end, GW Bush dramatically expanded the role of the Federal Government in health care.

It is not too late. I still contend that, if a group of people met and discussed free market health care reform. That group could prevail.

But, as long as conservatives refuse to even discuss free market health care reform, we will have no option but to continue with PPACA and all of the inequities that PPACA creates.

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