Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Technology Follows the Money

Information technology tends to follow the flow of the money.

In the insurance paradigm, money flows from big insurance pools to big hospitals and big pharmacy.

The result is that our health care information is in tightly controlled centralized networks.

The Medical Savings and Loan breaks apart the big pools into massively decentralized accounts. This money will be under direct control of the end user who will pay for medical care in cash directly to the doctor.

This change will transform the medical information system into a robust decentralized network.

Technology is morally neutral. Technology accomplishes what the programmers of the technology want to accomplish. Since our current technology was built to maintain insurance pools, the technology of our health care infrastructure was built for the primary purpose of advancing insurance companies.

In the medical savings and loan, people own their own health care resources. The technology in this new system will be built around helping the people.

Changing the focus of health care from pools to people would benefit society at large.

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