Thursday, February 2, 2012

A MS&L Conference, Anyone?

My goal, starting in 2008, was simply to have a conference on the merits of self-funded health care. The conference would put forward the argument that our health care woes result from our use of group funding for individual consumption. The conference would feature the Medical Savings and Loan as a logical model for self-funded health care.

My goal is 10 libertarian leaning people in a room discussing free market health care reform.

I lived in Salt Lake City, which is a notably closed and oppressive community. The LDS Church has its heart set on socialized medicine. Every prominent LDS politician supports variations of PPACA.

  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was the primary sponsor of PPACA.
  • Mitt Romney imposed similar legislation in Massachusetts,
  • Huntsman and Hebert passed a version of the Health Exchanges in Utah, while actively suppressing discussions of alternatives.
I tried to drum up interest for a meeting in Salt Lake City and only received slammed doors.

Last year, I traveled to Phoenix, Reno, Las Vegas and Denver, but found it difficult to make contacts while sitting in a hotel room.

I've been tempted to make a second stab at driving down to Arizona at the end of February.

If there was a half dozen people who felt passionately about defending liberty and willing to spend a day discussing the concept of self funded health care, the meeting would be worth my time. (Any town in Arizona would do).

It would be nice to have a living room available for a meeting. If not, I found a really nice spot under a bridge over the Salt River where a half dozen people could meet. Here is my contact form.


  1. You could use my house, but I am in san diego, not very close. Self funded care would always be the preference of people that can afford it. It seems like a logical choice for privacy and flexibility.

  2. San Diego sounds great.

    I confess, I had an ulterior motive in mentioning. I was hoping to find a resident with an Arizona address to set up a legal entity.

    Because Arizona is actively fighting ObamaCare, it might be possible to leverage that effort.

    Anyway, Arizona is between Utah and California ... er ... uh ... at least the way I drive it is. I could do a trip with both places.