Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ready to Hit the Road

Ooops! I put my Ready to the Hit the Road post on the wrong blog.

I will repeat the post.

I see that the Arizona Primary is next in line. I am in Utah, but would be thrilled to travel to Arizona to give a persentation on The Medical Savings and Loan to any group seeking to advance health freedom (overturning ObamaCare).

I have a super fun fundraiser for the program. It is an activity based fundraiser that promotes a discussion of the free market.

I bought the domian Arizona Color (dot) US to help promote the event. I will use it to help promote your organization and any business endeavors you are involved with.

Both the presentation and fundraiser are pro-liberty and for free market health care reform. It would do great at a rally for Gingrich, Santorum or Paul (not in that order). It probably wouldn't work for establishment candidates who are not sympathetic to health freedom.

The event will talk about health freedom but will not endorse a candidate.

I am happy to make this presentation in any town in Arizona. I'd love to visit Prescott, Lake Havasu, Bisbee, Yuma as well as the overpopulated capital. I would really like to schedule more than one event in more than one county.

If anyone wants to have a presentation (or even an extra display booth) at a rally in Arizona in the upcoming weeks, please contact me.

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