Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's About Participation

One of the big differences between the Medical Savings and Loan and insurance is that the MS&L invites people into actively participate in the financing and control of their health.

Insurance is like a spectator sport where your health care decisions are in play in some distant board room by people who you are unlikely to meet.

I've contemplated hitting the road to see if I can drum up interest in the Medical Savings and Loan.

I spent all my money last year chasing down leads. To hit the road I need a fundraiser.

There is a large number of health related fundraisers in play. The Susan Komen Race for the Cure springs to mind. The arthritis foundation has a program called Let's Move Together. The March of Dimes has evolved into the March for Babies.

These fundraising sports do a great deal of good.

To fund my trip, I will revive a sports fundraiser I developed several years ago called juggleball (read more).

Juggleball can best be described as a "participatory social network sports."

In this game you start with numbered balls. You play a game where you exchange the balls. At the end of the game you walk away with a different set of numbered balls.

If juggleball catches on, the balls will start traveling around between games. The site will use a mapping program to display where the balls end up. This is why I call it a social networking sport.

Juggleball is an ideal fundraiser for the Medical Savings and Loan because both ideas are about people playing an active role in their health and well being.

In the next couple of weeks, I will push heavily to build up interest in both Juggleball and the Medical Savings and Loan. My hope is to get funds to travel between Salt Lake and San Diego via Arizona. Anyone interested in hosting either a meeting about the Medical Savings and Loan or in Juggleball can contact me.

On the subject of fundraising: Here is my list of Valentines Affiliates.

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  1. The problem is you've got two arcane concepts. juggleball and the MSL.

    Compare that to "Walk for the cure" Easy to understand, I walk, get pledges, and I benefit so and so or in memory of my mom who died of breast cancer.

    I thought about starting a non profit to collect / preserve paperback books and benefit people via write offs.

    I know it's a viable nonprofit business model, but how would we tie that to the MSL? Books for Care?