Friday, February 3, 2012

Traveling Fundraiser

A road trip through Arizona to San Diego would cost over a grand. I spent my mad money last year chasing leads.

There are many popular health related fundraisers. This list includes March for Babies (originally March of Dimes), The Komen Race for a Cure, Relay for Life (by the American Lung Association, Lets Move Together (by the Arthritis Foundation).

The fundraiser I would like to use is a game I invented back in college called JuggleBall.

JuggleBall is a social networking sport. Think of a cross between Twitter and Relay for Life.

In this game people get numbered balls. They play game that involves juggle relays. They leave the game with different numbered balls.

The score keeper records the balls people enter and leave with. The score keeper enters the locations and balls that traded hand on a computer.

These balls bouncing around will create a social network that can easily be mapped on a computer.

FWIW, I invented this thing well before FourSquare.

The sport itself is a discussion about the free market (which I will get into later).

If I do a trip to Arizona and San Diego.

My ideal itinerary would involve coming into a town, playing a game of JuggleBall at noon. The game would raise funds to pay for gas and a motel room. I would then give a free presentation on The Medical Savings and Loan. I would play a second game of juggleball the next day and move on to the next town.

If you live between Utah and would like to get in on the ground floor or a social networking sport, you can contact me.

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