Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The MS&L as a Conversation

In my research, I had concluded that the working poor would are best left in control of their meager health care resources and that we need a system to help them make the most of their resrouces.

The health care debate of the 111th Congress began with the assumption that the working poor must be forced into buying insurance. The debate ended with an extremely corrupt bill that mandated that people buy insurance and imposed a totalitarian health care exchange on the people.

I was outraged.

So, I decided to revive the Medical Savings and Loan as a political issue.

I had two different ways to implement the program. It could be implemented as a product line as an insurance company or it could be implemented as a charitable effort.

My belief at the time was that if I could just get a group to start talking about alternative mechanisms for financing health care that we could stop this trainwreck that has come to be known as ObamaCare.

In a true conversation, there is give and take.

People meet in a room. They put ideas on the table. People engaged in real conversation (Affirmative Rationality) concede points and listen to others.

My goal since 2008 has simply been to get a group of people in a room to discuss alternatives to financing health.

Yes, I developed fully working business models for running the Medical Savings and Loan. But I was not put on this planet to dictate to others.

The only way to beat ObamaCare is for people to act. A group can sit around the table talking and come up with a ton of talking points with which to attack ObamaCare. At the end of the day the war against socialism can only be won if patriots act.

I do not want to engage in a conversation that is not geared toward action. But I sincerely believe that a small group of people could have a significant impact if they discussed the Medical Savings and Loan.

Since 2008, I've been stuck in a rut with a single minded goal: I want to get a group of patriots intereste in free market health care reform to sit around a table and talk about alternative mechanisms for funding health care.

My goal is to get a dozen people sitting around a table to talk about health care.

I hate with a passion the way that the Obama adminstration forced PPACA down our throats with no real debate. If I ever realize this idea of people sitting in a room talking, I will not repeat the horror of ObamaCare. I have no intention to dictate or force ideas on people. I want real discussion.

I realized that I did have one big problem. My primary model for the Medical Savings and Loan was as a product line offered by an insurance company. I decided to create a new model for the program which I will detail in the next post.

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