Thursday, February 16, 2012

Being Made Regular

In order to insure a risk, the risk must be made regular.

People think that the government is behind the drive for hyper-regulation that is destroying the character of America when, in fact it is the insurance industry.

In order to create an accurate model for insuring a risk, the insurance agency needs to get rid of all of the little variances involved in with the risk. The insurance company must regulate prices and each step of the processes insurance.

There are some conservative thinkers who try to make a distinction between private and government regulation. Such conservatives would label the regulation forced on the market by the insurance industry as "good regulation" because it comes from a privately owned entity.

Conservatives who complain about government regulation while praising private regulation forced on the public by insurance companies are disingenuous. When you look at the hyper-regulated health care industry, it is impossible to distinguish which regulation comes from which source.

The very structure of insurance requires a cozy relation between regulator and insurer.

Insurance stands on a nexus of contracts and these contracts are interpretted by contract law.

Every transaction in insurance is called a "claim." When you attempt to collect on an insurance policy, you are in fact entering a legal claim against the insurer, this legal claim is overseen by a court.

If people would like to reduce the amount of regulation in health care, the first step to achieving this goal is to find an alternative mechanism for financing health care.

If you are interested in learning more, I am looking for a group to host a public meeting on The Medical Savings and Loan. If you would like to book a meeting on alternatives to insurance, please contact me, I live in Utah, but can travel.

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