Friday, February 15, 2013

Creating A Group

IMHO, the first step to promoting free market health care reform is to create a legal entity whose sole purpose is to discuss and promote reform.

An organization can start as a sole proprietorship, but should consider incorporating as a trade association, or educational or political action group. The group will decide the direction to take when the time is ready.

A legal entity should have a location. The location could be a home address or a box at the UPS store. I was just looking at the Virtual Offices of Davinci Suites. A virtual office has meeting space, an internet connection and a mailing address. What else could a traveling gnome desire?

We need a location. I happen to really like Utah. Utah has the best scenery. Utah has skiing at mountain resorts and canyoneering in deep gorges. Here is my Utah tumblr gallery. Unfortunately, I've not been able to gain any traction.

To put this mildly. The good people who "share Utah values" have told me in a firm commanding voice to "convert or leave." But that's just part of living in Utah. You get used to it.

I am a third generation Coloradan and admire the independent streak of the Centennial State and the Equality State to the north.

California is brimming with creative talent. I studied math at Santa Clara University. The creative and intellectual talent in California amazes me. Unfortunately, the state is burdened with an activist legislature and activist court system which would hurt this effort.

My goal is to question the insurance industry. Insurance is based on the same equations as the gambling. So, I want to avoid Nevada.

There are aspects of the conservative community in Arizona that makes me feel uncomfortable, but I've been impressed with the way that Arizona has been standing up for traditional American values. The AAPS in Tucson and Goldwater Institute in Phoenix are doing an amazing job standing up for free market health care.

Now, the way things work in America is, that for a group to have a national impact, it is best to set up addresses in multiple states.

My inclination for the last several years has been to create a legal entity the head office somewhere in Arizona with state chapters in Utah, Colorado and what not.

The ideal location might be a location like Lake Havasu, Parker or Yuma which are on the border of California and Arizona. Prescott and Flagstaff would be interesting as well.

I figure the cost of driving to Arizona to host a meeting and back would be from $500 to $750 (depending on how long I stayed.). I need an oil change, gas, a few nights in a motel and renting a meeting space. Driving all the way to California and hosting meetings would cost from $750 to $1000.

I've been ready to take this trip for the last two years. I created the site Arizona Color so that I could study the layout of the state. Since I only have room on the old credit card for one more trip, I don't want to go until I am certain that there is a there there.

This is why all of my blog posts keep ending with the words. If there is someone interested in standing up for health freedom. I believe that a small group of people could have a huge impact on the debate if they met to discuss self-funded health care.

Yes, I have ideas that I want to promote, and there some issues that I want to avoid. I want to promote the concept of health savings accounts. I want to promote replacing insurance with grants. I want to promote the ideal of the Health Care Advocate. I want to promote using a different model for analyzing health data. I want to avoid topics like buying insurance across state lines. I want to avoid the HSA+HDHC model.

I've realized that the real secret to health care reform is not the model. The secret is the people. Getting people together to discuss free market health care reform is the most important step in the process.

Forming a legal entity whose primary purpose is discussing free market health care is the first step. Until I find people wanting to take that first step, I am just locked in living nightmare where I see the American Experiment in Self Rule vanish before my eyes while I am unable to act.

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