Saturday, February 23, 2013

What I Want

I would not ask for help if I did not have a clear and achievable goal in mind that would help advance the cause of liberty with positive benefits for those involved in the effort.

The achievable goal is to create an entity called "The Health Care Advocates Association" which will explore free market health care reform.

The weak part of PPACA (ObamaCare) is the insurance mandate.

The way to defeat PPACA is to create a compelling alternative to insurance.

If there was a compelling alternative to insurance, then people who are unhappy with their insurance could rise up and yell. "We don't want insurance … we want this instead."

By creating an alternative to insurance, I am creating a mechanism that would allow people to say: "I want to opt out of PPACA and the corruption that it represents."

My presentation is about the business of financing health care. It is not a government program. It is not a pursuit of government handouts. It is a program that seeks to empower people to take control of their health.

There are political ramifications of the program. By creating an alternative to insurance, I will give the freedom movement a positive cause.

Arguing against PPACA is a negative cause. People who argue negative causes are pulled into an ugly form of action and reaction politics which can undermine their efforts.

Creating an alternative to insurance would allow members of the freedom move to present their position as a positive cause. It allows people to say: "I want options." I don't want to be shoved into an insurance plan. I want the option to take a different route.

I hate politics. I am not a politician.

I believe that funding health care is a business problem and required innovative business solutions.

The code name of this project is "The Medical Savings and Loan."

In this program, all transactions flow through an account owned by the patient. Since the transactions flow through individual account, the account will create a complete and accurate picture of a person's lifelong health.

Changing the flow of resources changes the focus of jobs in the insurance sector. To highlight this change, I changed the titles of the insurance agents and claims adjusters to "Health Care Advocate."

I created an entity called "The Health Care Advocate Association." The goal of this association is to define the best business practices of the Health Care Advocate and to create business plans built on savings accounts and grants.

The entity exists as a sole proprietorship. I want to hold meetings to gauge interest in the plan.

If people are interested, I will draw people from the meetings to create the program as a professional association.

If you attended a meeting, I would discuss the plan. If people are interested in moving forward with the plan, I might ask them to become members of the board of directors.

BTW, people who become a member of a board of directors in its founding stage get to be called "Founding Members" of the organization.

If this idea takes off. The potential of the program is unlimited.

The cost is essentially nothing. You have to listen to some nimrod talk about free market health care for a couple hours. If you find merit in the idea, then you could become a founding member of an organization with unlimited potential.

I live in an intellectual backwater called Utah. Currently, I am thinking of heading South to Arizona and possibly Southern California.

I am a third generation Coloradan. I would be happy to drive East to my home state. Utah is pretty and has great skiing. If someone wanted to fly out here, I'd be happy to combine the meeting with a ski vacation or even a photography trip to Southern Utah.

What I am looking for is a person to make a serious commitment of a date or time to hold a meeting on free market health care reform. For example, I am willing to meet on on the Ides of March on the London to the dagger name is Brutus, et tu?

If I had a firm date, location and time for a meeting, then I would have something to plan for.

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