Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Desires of the Elite

Our health care establishment was not built to the needs of the people but to the desires of a ruling elite.

Markets form around the flow of resources.

In the status quo, most health care resources flow from a large pool (either owned by an insurance company or the government) to the care provider.

Information aligns with the flow of resources.

The valuable information in health care flows from the providers to large centralized entities. The people are simply cut out of the process.

The desire of the ruling elite is to sit on a throne and dictate the allocation of resources.

This desire is at the heart of both the Republican and Democratic approaches to health care. Republicans have a vision of powerful business leaders sitting at the helm, and Democrats have the vision of powerful government bureaucrats.

The health care debate is false dichotomy in which the Left and Right struggle over the control of the ring of power.

But health care should be about care of the health of the people.

Independents must stand up and question the need for a health system controlled by a centralized bureaucracy.

The radical reform that I've proposed is simply to do the accounting on person by person basis.

The heart of the medical savings and loan concept is that all transactions should flow through personal savings accounts.If the transactions for personal care flowed through accounts owned by the individuals, then the accounts would provide complete information about the health spending of the individual. If we add to this a simple document management system, the accounts could serve as the basis of a medical records system.

Changing the flow of resources would lead to fundamental changes in the medical industry. Note, insurance agents and claims adjusters work for the owners of the insurance pool. If the money flowed through individual accounts, the focus of these positions would change from working for the insurance company to people who worked directly with the public. I changed the name of the position to "Health Care Advocate."

I have a wonderful presentation on this plan that I've been dying to give for the last five years. The presentation takes an afternoon. I live in Salt Lake. I am willing to travel.

Our health establishment was built for the desires of the ruling elite. PPACA (ObamaCare) is just a step on the road to ruin. If we wish to assure prosperity for future generations, Americans must stand up for the restoration of health freedom.

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