Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another False Dichotomy

The Dialectics in the tradition of Hegel and Marx is a game in which intellectual snits present false dichotomies and paradoxes, then pontificate.

A great example of this game occurs when a political rogue organizes one half of a community against the other half. The paradox is that the community organizer uses unity rhetoric to create deeper division.

Another great example of Hegelian dialectics in action is the upcoming Mansfield Lecture at the University of Montana in Missoula. This lecture is about an imagined conflict between individual rights and social responsibility.

The second one realizes that people own their bodies and that a community is nothing more than a collection of autonomous individuals, then one realizes that this conflict is an illusion. One achieves the goal of social responsibility by helping individuals maximize the use of their individual health resources. 

The event is at a tax funded venue. I suspect that a large number of the lecturers and conference attendees are currently feeding at the public trough.

They will spend a weekend moralizing then walk away feeling self-righteous ... oblivious to the fact that they are the oppressors of the modern age.

The enemies of freedom are organized and well fed at taxpayers' expense. There is little I can do about that.

But, imagine, just for a moment, that a group of people wanting to defend freedom got together and held a conference to support free market health care reform?

The group could expose the false dichotomies created by the oppressive ruling elite and start a new dialogue about the foundations of quality health care.

The conference wouldn't get any taxpayers' money, and would not have access to the same lavish facilities at the Mansfield Conference. But, it is the depth of the ideas and not the luxuriousness of the venue that makes a good conference.

There numerous small venues at the ready for conferences. For example, DaVinci Office says they will rent meeting rooms for $25 to $40 an hour. There are numerous hotels that offer meeting rooms as well.

The hard part is finding people who would sacrifice a whole afternoon to stand up for their freedom. This would involve people doing radical things like telling me. I am stuck in Utah. I am willing to travel and am still thinking of heading to Arizona.

I would do all the work necessary to organize a conference if only I knew there would be a half dozen or so people willing to stand up for liberty.

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