Friday, March 15, 2013

Planning for a Trip

I have a beautiful presentation on free market health care reform that, if properly presented to the public, might change discourse on health care.

Unfortunately, I live behind the Zion Curtain. The group that controls the state does not tolerate open discourse. The MTC teaches the politicos of this state that they were put on the planet to lecture to others. They were put on earth to lecture and not listen.

Personally, I think that people should spend more time listening than talking.

BTW. My workshop is as follows. I create mathematical models for self-funded care and for group-funded care. I then open the room for discussion about the two different models. It is a basic foundational discussion of financing health care. The reason I begin with a presentation is to create a foundation for a fruitful discussion.

Anyway, Utah has proven a bust. I still think my best hope is to travel to Arizona.

I've already tried this game. Between 2009 and 2010 I racked up close to 10,000 miles traveling to Reno, Phoenix, Denver and Las Vegas hoping to find anyone interested in free market health care reform.

What happened in each case is that I wrote hundreds of emails. Made dozens of phone calls and ended up sitting in a hotel room watching the wallpaper peel off the wall.

I swore to myself that I would not move until I had a firm commitment from someone that they would get a half dozen people in a room and participate in a workshop about free market health care.

A half dozen is six. (That is not a lot of people). In a 700 mile radius of Salt Lake City, I have not been able to find a half dozen people willing to commit to spending an afternoon talking about their freedom.

It is absolutely ridiculous that there is no conservatives or libertarian who is willing to spend an afternoon talking about free market health care.

It is the most important issue of our day. If people are not even willing to spend an afternoon talking about freedom, then they  deserve no freedom.

Even if no one is willing to talk to me, I am still willing to stand up for freedom. So, I am still thinking of hitting the road.

Driving to Phoenix and hosting a meeting will cost about $750.

My experience tells me that no one will show up for any meetings I schedule. Spending $750 to sit in a hotel room to stare at a TV is a complete waste of time and resources.

Now, it just so happens that some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet sits between Salt Lake and the Arizona border. (I just started a tumblr gallery of Moab that I will fill with pretty pictures).

So, I am thinking of driving to Southern Utah to take a bunch of pictures. That way, when no-one shows up for the meeting, I will have something productive to do.

I will be able to spend my time uploading and labeling the pictures. In the last few weeks, I've created numerous tumblr blogs (eg, Utah Color, Arizona Color). These feed into my site

I am adding cool features to ProtoPhoto like a photo blog and mapping resources. If I have the site well optimized, I could offset some of my costs by putting ads on the site. So, in addition to taking photos, I am working on new advertising strategies.

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