Sunday, March 10, 2013

Patient Centered Health Care?

I am thrilled that Paul Ryan is keeping up the fight to repeal ObamaCare.

Politicians tend to name their programs the opposite of what they are. The proper name of ObamaCare is PPACA (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act).

PPACA is based on RomneyCare as implemented by the Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney. At heart PPACA is a health exchange. The goal of the program is to trade health care on centrally regulated exchanges. The exchanges are implemented at the state level, but regulated at the Federal Level.

The act of centralizing care has the effect of jacking up health care has the effect of increasing health care costs.

This three thousand page bill created a massive bureaucracy. As health care providers bend to accommodate the new bureaucracy, patients become less secure and care becomes more expensive.

PPACA is the exact opposite of the name. This backwards thinking bill made health care less affordable and reduced health security.

PPACA is a bad law and requires fundamental change.

Again, I applaud Paul Ryan for coming up with the catchy phrase that he wants to replace  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with something called Patient Centered Care.

The problem is that until Republicans go through the challenging task of debating health care, any plan they come up with will be as vacuous as PPACA.

For five years, I've had the simple goal of finding a libertarian or conservative group brave enough to sit down for an afternoon to discuss free market health care reform. The debate would challenge the false assumption that insurance companies should be in charge of care.

Unfortunately, until Republicans actually discuss health care, their proposals will be as lame as PPACA. All of the health care schemes that start with the assumption that we must force everyone into insurance will end up as corrupt as ObamaCare.

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