Monday, April 1, 2013

Packaging Freedom

Long ago I worked writing programs to track and analyze insurance claims. During this experience I realized that insurance was systematically flawed and was leading people to ruin.

After leaving the insurance industry I spent years trying to come-up with an insurance-like program that would help people finance their health spending.

I realized, of course, that there is no way to package freedom.

Any artificial constraints placed on savings and spending in health care creates false signals that have a negative effect on health care.

I finally took the approach of stripping health care down to its bare core.

On stripping health care it is core, I realized that health care is about applying time and resources to the care of health. Health care is all about people. People, not a system, should be the center of health care reform.

Money is simply a tool we use to track time and resources.

Every single person on this planet has time and resources. The challenge is figuring out the best way to use time and resources.

The centerpiece of the health care reform I propose is a new position called The Health Care Advocate. A Health Care Advocate is a person who specializes in the financing of health care. Advocates help people set up savings programs. They help people find care providers and negotiate prices. The advocates would know about loans and grants available for people with insufficient savings.

The heart of my health care reform proposal is this position.

I am a mathematician and computer programmer; so I created a structure for analyzing health care data. Insurance (and socialism) analyze the experience of a group over a year. In my proposed reform, I engage in a whole life analysis of the individual.

Insurance (and socialism) see individuals as fragmented beings processed through a system. It is dehumanizing.

My program starts with the assumption that each person is a whole being. I then create tools that empower individuals as whole beings. The process is humanizing.

I admit. I love to work on logic and mathematics.

However, the process of restoring health freedom is all about people and real human to human communication.

My goal for these last few years is simply to get a group of people into a room to talk about free market health care reform.

I live in Salt Lake. I am not LDS. I am stuck waiting until I find a group of people brave enough to discuss free market health care reform. I am willing to travel. Contact Me

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  1. Kevin,
    Take a look at our essay in the Washington Times.
    You may also be interested in our conference Othercare: Liberation & Innovation In American Health Care to be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan July 20th, 2013. Best Regards, Kenneth A. Fisher, President Michigan Chapter, Docs4PatientCare