Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I am Looking For

I have a workshop on free market health care reform that I've been hoping to present.

The workshop will take several hours. In the work shop I create a model for self-funded health care. I use a combination of savings accounts, a loan reserve and grants. I then create a model for group funded care. Insurance and socialism are both forms of group funded care.

With two models in place, it is possible to explore the difference between self-funded and group funded care.

My model indicates that group funded care underserves the lower and middle classes and that it has the pernicious effect of concentrating wealth and power in the center.

I contend that the problem in health care is the use of group funding for individual consumption and that the way to improve things is to restore the concept of self-funded care.

In the modern political context, I argue the following. The current health care debate is based on the false assumption that insurance is the only way to fund health care. The weak point of ObamaCare is the insurance mandate.

The way to defeat ObamaCare is to expose the false assumption and to create an alternative to insurance.

If we had an alternative to insurance that served the working class better than ObamaCare, we could expose this fiasco as the regressive legislation that it is and possibly put our nation back on the path of renewal.

I live in Salt Lake City.

What I am hoping to find is a group within 700 miles of Salt Lake that is willing to make a firm commitment to hold a meeting on Free Market Health Care Reform.

By group, I simply mean a few people who have a firm commitment to attend a meeting. If someone told me that they could guarantee that six conservative or libertarian leaning people would meet in, say, Grand Junction on May 15th, then I would be delighted.

The workshop takes a few hours. We create a model for self-funded care. We then create a model for group-funded care, then discuss the differences between the two models.

People who attend the workshop will see the health care debate in a new light and will be empowered to promote free market health care reform.

What I am Selling

My meeting will argue that the problem in health care is overuse of group funding for individual consumption. The solution is to create a self-funded model for health care.

I will argue that funding health care is a business problem and that we need a business solution. The path to solving the health care problem is to create new businesses.

I created an entity called the "Health Care Advocates Association." The goal of the HCAA is to create a new business model for funding health care. In the meeting I will sell the idea that we need an organization dedicated to the creation of a new business model for funding health care. The absolutely worst thing that will happen to people who attend the meeting is that I will talk about starting businesses and organizations.

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