Friday, September 27, 2013

Defunding ObamaCare

This current effort to block the funding of ObamaCare is a fight that must be fought, but it is not the effort that effort that will restore health freedom.

The effort to restore our freedom must come from the people … not from the government.

The effort to defund ObamaCare has one huge flaw. ObamaCare is a network of health exchanges by the federal government. The exchanges are implemented at the state level.

The legislation includes a large number of federal mandates plus some social spending. Much of the program is implemented by the states.

Defunding ObamaCare reduces the social spending associated with the program. It does not remove the mandates and does nothing about the health exchanges being imposed by the states.

The Health Exchanges are based on the false premise that insurance is the only way to fund health care.

If there was a group of people willing to sit with me for an hour, I could prove this premise false.

The best way to strike at ObamaCare is to create a viable alternative to insurance.

If a group of patriots was brave enough to talk for a whole two hours, I could show the group how to go about creating a viable alternative to insurance that could be used in the effort to defeat ObamaCare.

The program would involve creating a professional association called "The Health Care Advocate Association." The association would create a business model. The business model does not even need to be implemented for the model to change the debate.

For that matter, ObamaCare outlaws alternative means for financing care. The charge of the HCAA is to create a business model, then to

You do not have to like the product. You don't have to use the product.

The goal at this point is just for a group of people to stand up and talk about alternatives to insurance.

Creating the product does involve basic mathematics. It involves creating a [gasp] database. The math is simply and I can make the database.

The place I am stuck is in finding a group of people brave enough to talk about health care. I live in Utah. I am willing to travel. But will have to contact me. I am not LDS. The LDS Church is for the exchanges. Harry Reid (D), Mitt Romney (R), Governor Huntsman (R) and Governor Leavitt (R) are all heavily invested in the exchanges.

Utah has a poisonous intellectual climate. However, I am willing to travel. Here is my Contact Form.

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