Monday, September 23, 2013


Cato Institute just published a tome called "Unprecedented" by Josh Blackman which looks at the unprecedented legal and legislative tactics used to ram PPACA through Congress and impose a law that is clearly against the spirit of the Constitution onto the American people.

I can't afford the book. The Cato Institute has a phenomenal video in which the author's discuss the scope of this important tome which provides an inside look at the legal steps taken to push through ObamaCare and the legal challenges against. The book is available at or on Amazon Kindle or Hardcover.

Ahem, if people bought the book through my links, I might make enough to buy a copy for myself. I suspect that the book would serve as a primary reference about the legal history of the health care law.

I applaud this legal effort. Unfortunately, legal challenges are a bit like theological challenges to the program. The people engaged in the legal battles get caught up in the jargon of the industry. The people at large often fail to see the importance of subtle legal nuances. So, while I think the legal challenge to PPACA is important, I fear that it will fail to win the day.

From a legal perspective, the actions taken by Harry Reid and Obama to pass PPACA were outrageous.

Unfortunately, I fear that they are not that unprecedented. To the progressive, any thing is fair when they ram through their legislation. To the progressive, legal precedence and nuances of the law only matter when they are attacking enemies.

To a large extent what happened under Obama is just a repeat of what happened under FDR who used all means fair or fowl to ram his social agenda through Congress.

Both Obama and FDR managed to prolong recessions into depressions.

I chalk this book up as important. The legal effort against PPACA must be well documented and preserved.

The legal effort must be followed by efforts to educate Americans on why socialization of health care is a bad thing. This the right has failed to accomplish.

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